Monday, July 4, 2016

A Few of Their Favourite Spots

Every cat has his favourite spot. I’m not referring in this case to a location in his home in which to lie, somewhere that he enjoys sleeping. I’m writing about that spot on his body that he loves to have rubbed or petted. Every cat has one and all of mine has a different one.

For Josie, it is on the face, preferably under the chin. She is normally a restless cat under attention. Even when receiving pets or strokes, she will stand, revolve, turn, walk about, then come back for more. But when my Chubs’s little chin is rubbed, gently, almost imperceptibly, she will freeze and her world freezes with her. She will accept the attention for pretty much as long as I want to give it.

Renn is quite different. When he knows he can get it, he will roll over and present his chest for a long rubbing session. He is much less enthusiastic about a tummy-rub; for him, it’s that big mancatly chest of his. He will stretch one foreleg out, then the other. My big boy is a shy animal but if someone will sit down and spend time on a couch, he will eventually come out, sit down beside the stranger and let the chest-rubbing begin. Then he will know you’re the right sort.

Tucker’s spot is the back of the neck. You may wonder how I can find it in a creature who doesn’t have a neck. Let’s say, the rear of the head where it joins the back. He likes a deep rub - not hard, but deep, and sustained. Renn, and certainly Josie, would complain if I rubbed them that severely, but not the roly poly one. I think it eventually proves too much for him because he asks me to quit after a while, but he nevertheless loves it.

As for my princess, her favourite spot needs two: her and me. Cammie loves to be petted while she is on my chest. Once there, she need have nothing special done to her; just a pleasant stroking of her furry head and back. But high up on my chest as I lie down, high enough so that she can bump my chin now and then, she will purr and purr. She will move to face one side, then move to face the other; sometimes, she will stand, walk away and come back, to settle down once more. She doesn’t enjoy anything else as much. (Please excuse the photographs, as it is difficult to record an image so close and with only one hand free.)

Each cat is different, and though there are a limited number of spots on his body, there are as many favoured places as there are body parts. If you can find that place, you will have found a way to his heart. Or at least a way to keep him from hissing at you.


  1. This is a very charming and loving depiction of your cats. It was a great pleasure to read. j My Katie loves her chin gently rubbed with the back of my hand...back and forth until I wonder if my hand will fall off at the wrist. She loves her chest rubbed gently; and her tummy may be stroked very lightly and then held. She insists on her tummy being held while she sleeps on my lap. Their trust in us is just awesome.

    1. My Tungsten loved to lie on my lap, curled around my hand on her tummy. I think it made her feel safe.

  2. I love this post -- it makes me want to leave work early and go home to cuddle the boys!

    Purrs for a good week ahead for all. :-)

  3. I loved your post. It shows just how much you love and understand your cats. How lucky they are to have you caring for them.

  4. The expression on Cammie's face seems to convey "I want more pats." Holly's favourite spot is the back of her head. Jessie loved having her chin and tummy rubbed at the same time; two hands were required.

  5. Wonderful post. Lucky cats to have such a wonderful parent. Our Sam loved her underarms scratched. She would lay on her back with her front legs stretched out so you could just hit the right spot.

  6. We love this post too. Miss Pops likes a long strong pat from the top of her head to her tail, and like Renn she enjoys the neck massage of gently but firmly rubbing the tissues round her neck.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  7. boyz like R ear scritchins...a LOT....dai$y likez her belly rubbed bye onlee two peepulz N onlee when her haz given purrmission & de rub mite last 3 secondz ore 30 minitz !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  8. You're absolutely right, I hadn't thought of it, but each of my cats also has their favorite way to be cuddled or petted. The funny thing is they have different patterns when it is my son who pets them.

    Love all the photos, but it is so sweet to see Cammie so close. That lovely girl deserves all the love you provide.

  9. I love how you really know your cats as individuals and know the special things that make each of them happy. My late Siamese, Coco, used to love to lay on my chest , face to face with me. He'd look into my face and make dreamy eyes and purr and drool. It must be a Siamese thing. This was the cat who hated me for 8 months when I first adopted him. He growled at me, attacked my other cats and peed everywhere in my house.
    These little ones have such fragile souls. I think Cammie loves you madly. She's come a long way with your care and understanding. I am so happy for her.

  10. Poor Tucker, I think someone just insulted you. I am sure you have a neck. You are all cuties. Most of my cats like neck scritches and ear rubs.