Thursday, February 16, 2017

Parker Visits His Doctor

Parker went to the doctor yesterday. There was nothing in particular that was concerning about him, but his visit was to a veterinary who will be his regular doctor from now on. I found this doctor - though looking about fifteen years old - to be knowledgeable and confident, as well as sensible, which is often as important as any other factor, and not just in medical personnel.

Things are looking very well for Parker. His heart and lungs sound healthy and his teeth look good, though he has a touch of gingivitis. A date for a dental cleaning will be settled in a few weeks. This is contingent upon his next ‘curve’. The doctor lowered my new friend’s insulin dosage; the morning injection remains the same, but the evening amount was reduced considerably. This will be given for the next fortnight, at the end of which I will perform a ‘curve’ and see what the numbers are. His dosage will be re-assessed then.

Parker has lost more weight. He is eating well but his diet is strict, and comprises mostly soft-food. The veterinary is pleased that Parker is losing weight; she would like to see Parker drop to between 6.5 and seven kilograms. Currently, he weighs 8.08. This is undoubtedly in the right direction, I but worry that it may be too fast a diminution. However, he will be weighed regularly (I hope to do this at the beginning of every month). In the meantime, his skin has loosened a bit (when I first met him, I could barely pinch enough to inject him with his insulin) and he looks a little more streamlined.

Because my guest-cat always seems hungry, I suggested that he receive more food. The doctor agreed, and so now Parker will enjoy an extra quarter-tin of soft-food, twice a day. Once will be at bed-time; trying to sleep with an empty belly is never fun. I could tell he appreciated the new regimen last night.

I will keep an eye on the orange fellow during his new insulin and feeding schedules, watching for any troubling signs of too little medicine, or too rapid a weight-loss. But I think he is on the right path. The poundage he is shedding is excess to what his body requires and, I suspect, will stabilise within the next month or so. If not, we have the power to brake the reduction. As for his insulin, I think a consistent, moderate amount will have him feeling better than ever.

And that late-night snack before bed doesn’t hurt, either.


  1. It seems like Parker is flourishing under your care--no surprise.

    Excess weight exacerbates many health issues, diabetes among them as you know well, so perhaps with his weight loss (and the absence of dry food, i.e. carbs), he'll need even less insulin.

    Smooches to him, he seems like a love. :-)

  2. sounds like he is certainly on a good path and you have found a good vet for him :) and late night snacks aren't all bad

  3. It sounds like Parker is doing extremely well under your care. His diabetes and weight are under control, and that's great! Way to go Parker!

  4. dood....we iz buzzed happee yur a point mint wented sew well N we agreez ta slite snax at nite iz a grate eye deea...purrhapz it will help mane tain yur weight...sted of gainin....ore loozin ~~~~ best best fishes buddy ! ♥♥♥

  5. It is so good to hear that Parker is doing well with you. No surprise that you are caring for him so well, of course, but it's obvious he's happy to be with you.

  6. Oh thanks for visiting me at Carma's,Sounds like you have an excellent vet,xx Speedy

  7. Yes, I worry about cats loosing weight too fast and the metabolic changes involved. But you are excellent in your observation of changes so I know Parker will be in excellent hands. I'm so happy he came into your care.

  8. Parker, you are most fortunate! I think you know that however. xxx to you.