Monday, April 3, 2017

Worth the Wait

There was good news for the household over the weekend. Tucker’s insulin dosage - which had been at three units in both the morning and the evening - was not giving satisfaction. After consultation with his doctor, the dosage was raised a unit in the mornings only. This change has resulted in quite an improvement.

I performed a curve on the roly poly one Saturday. His nadir - the lowest number induced by the insulin, which should come about half-way between the two injections - actually comes about ten-thirty or eleven. I take readings every two hours, but, as his nadir approaches, I take a single reading at the hour, rather than the two. When his number dipped to about 14 at nine-thirty, I was pleased, as I suspected that it would fall to twelve at its lowest. Taking a sample sixty minutes later, it had fallen to 10.9, which was a pleasant surprise. Then, after taking a sample at the next hour, I found that his glucose reading had slipped more than half a point, to 10.3 - an even more pleasant surprise. Thereafter, the numbers started to rise, as anticipated.

The number Tucker’s blood-glucose reached at its nadir is a very good number for him. I don’t think it needs to go lower, and I think the doctor will concur. I want to ask her if Tucker’s evening dosage should be raised as well. Before his morning injection, his number was 22, which is high but only to be expected. With a dosage of three, rather than four, in the evening, his numbers may not fall as low as during the day. On the other hand, since he is sleeping during the night and eating nothing, a higher dosage may not be necessary. We will see about this.

In any case, I am quite happy about Tucker’s new numbers. He was switched to four-and-three some weeks ago, but the body takes time to absorb the alteration, so his curve had to wait. It was worth it.


  1. Good news for Tucker! You're a fantastic cat "dad", though I'm sure you both would have preferred not to deal with any of this. Continued purrs to Tucker, and smooches from the biped.

  2. That really is good news, happy dance!

  3. he looks pretty satisfied with that change as well MOL

  4. dood...we hafta add mit ta knot bee in two smart bout numberz; even math waz at werst subject in skewl, but we hope wear ever yur numberz shuld be...they get ther N stay ther buddy !!! ☺☺☺♥♥

    N we hope ya waz abe bull ta push de chair outta yur way ;)

    1. Trust me, guys, the numbers in this case are good.

      And yes, it does look like he needs just one good heave, doesn't it?

  5. That is very good news about Tucker's numbers improving.

  6. Great news! I'm glad things are going well for Tucker.

  7. This is excellent news. Congratulations to both Tucker and you! Very well done!
    And that photo

  8. ...Squee! Just adorable! We so want to kiss that tummy.
    ( Sorry about the interrupted post. My Alfie "sent " it before it was finished.)

  9. This is good news. We are always so grateful for positive results and improvements when our dear cats are facing chronic conditions. The photo of Tucker under the chair is priceless. Does he know you took this photo?

  10. Way to go Tucker!! And way to go John!! Tucker's numbers have improved, and that's fantastic news. I see from the photo that Tucker was overjoyed at the news. :-)