Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sympathy for the Under-cat

While I can’t assert that any of my cats likes any other, they do tolerate each other, most of the time, and once in a while, they actually play, sort of.

Cammie enjoys startling the other cats, especially Tucker. I think I have written of this before: the princess zooming through the nylon tunnel while the roly poly one is on the far side. I will hear the sound of something rushing through the tunnel, and come into the sitting room in time to see Tucker crouched down, staring at Cammie, while the latter is turning away with a smug air.

Now and then, Tucker gets his own back. I don’t think he plans it. Unlike Cammie, who sees Tucker in the right place and sneaks over to where she can begin her zoom, Tucker usually just finds himself with an opportunity. I was coming out of the store-room the other evening and heard the unmistakable sound of the princess hissing, followed by a quick growl. The hiss alone normally indicates that another cat is passing too closely to Cammie - say, within a quarter-mile. The growl declares a particular annoyance, perhaps even outrage.

I came out of the store-room to see Cammie twisted about, glowering at Tucker from a distance of several yards. Tucker was behind the base of the cylinder-house cat-tree. The series of events became clear to me at once. Cammie had passed between the cat-tree and the wall, undoubtedly to avoid the roly poly, who was likely lying near by. Tucker, seeing his chance, hurried over, or simply reached out, and smacked Cammie on her flank. I’d seen him do it before. My Siamese cat, startled, jumped away, but turned as soon as she landed to give voice to her shock and anger. Tucker’s expression was of innocence.

I could not commiserate in good faith with the offended animal. She had done something similar to Tucker many times, and should have expected retribution at some point. I did stroke her fuzzy head to calm her. But then I petted Tucker and told him he was a ‘good boy’. I try not to take sides but sometimes I must sympathise with the under-cat.


  1. Somehow I don't think Cammie's cat brain fully understands the concept of retribution. After all, she IS the Princess, so is entitled to do as she pleases with and to the peons, with no concern or fear of any reprisal. :-)

    1. I think you are exactly right. I am an ardent monarchist, but I do prefer my royalty to have a bit more respect for their subjects than the princess seems to feel for hers...

  2. I see tons of photos of cats hugging each other, sleeping with each other...and my two, who have been together since before they were born, prefer to go about life as if there was not another cat in the house. A puzzlement.

  3. good boy Tucker - sometimes you just have to take a stand (or a swat)

  4. dood...frank lee we due knot call it sympathy...yur dad FEERZ ewe; as it shuld be.... don father ♥♥

  5. I confess that I'm like you. I sympathize with the under-cat. At my house, it's Danni, my 12 year old. The 2 youngest cats, Joey, (who is 5), and Cassi, (who is 2), think it's great fun to chase Danni, who really doesn't want to play, (even though she could use the exercise). At these times, I give Danni some extra attention to calm her down, and Joey and Cassi usually run off to find someone else to annoy.

  6. That happens a lot around here too.


  7. Thank you for the thoughtful and kind comment you made on our post about our Daddy. We know he's an Angel smiling down on us but we are heartbroken.

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  8. If I were in that dilemma, I too would sympathize with the under-cat. I had to smile at the Tabbies...Don Tucker...Cat Father!!!
    Katie Isabeloni!

  9. Yes, I agree sometimes some kitties get what they deserve. It evens the playing field a little bit.