Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Change of Numbers

I am raising the dosage of insulin that Tucker receives each day. While, in strict terms, this is a bad thing, it is something that I and his doctor favour doing, and don’t see it as a retrograde motion. It has been quite a while now since the roly poly one’s dosage was reduced to two units twice a day. This was done not because his diabetic condition had improved, but to stabilise it.

During ‘curves’ - blood-tests to determine the effect the insulin he was given had on his diabetes - it was noticed that Tucker’s ‘numbers’ were inconsistent. So I suggested to his veterinary that I drop Tucker’s dosage, not dangerously, but to a ‘lowest common denominator’, if you will, in the hopes that it would diminish the inconstancy. Rather to my surprise, it has.

But two units twice a day is really too low an amount for him. He is faring adequately, but his water-consumption is more than it should be, and I can tell that, though his rear end is strong enough to enable him to jump where he wants to, he is a little reluctant to land when he leaps from a chair to the floor. My sausage of a cat is therefore going to receive three units of insulin twice a day (twelve hours apart, as usual). This will commence on the weekend, when I will be home to view the possibility of adverse effects.

Three units is not a high amount, though of course the goal is to eliminate the insulin all together. But, having stabilised his numbers, albeit at a higher amount than he should have, the next step will be to reduce them. Watching the other signs, such as water-intake and urination, will also be necessary.

Tucker is doing well, all things considered. He is still my purring boy, and hopefully, this new situation will give him more to purr about.


  1. "My sausage of a cat..." words typed with love! Much better than my calling The PO'M: Fatty!

    1. You and John have made the rest of my year! What a smile I just got on my face.

  2. Tucker certainly has been, and continues to be, a real trooper through all of this. Purrs to him from N & D, that all shall be well.

  3. better to have a little more medicine and a better control over the disease

  4. dood....we hope ya get two de point wear ya due knot knead shotz N can controllz yur dia beeteez with de rite foodz...shame on uz for knot rememberin what R catster pal had; if we ever due think oh de name oh it we will let cha noe strait a way ~~~~~~♥♥♥

  5. It's good to hear you're on top of Tucker's diabetes. Hopefully the change in insulin dosage will give you better control. Along with insulin, I've used Purina DM for my diabetic cats. It's a prescription food available from the vet. (I think you may be able to get it from for less than what your vet would charge.) Anyway, I've found that it was helpful in lowering the amount of insulin my cats needed, and I had no problem getting them to eat it. (They liked the dry food better than the canned.) Please keep us posted on how Tucker is doing.

  6. I will be looking for your word on how he is. I care about all your beasts. 🐱
    Hoping to hear more soon.

  7. Tucker is lucky you are so observant and caring.

  8. Even though Tucker’s dosage of insulin must be raised, he will feel better and the problems caused by diabetes will be assuaged. You monitor him marvelously and we’re sure he thanks you for your love and concern in his own catly way.
    Do you think he’d eat the diabetic diet Roberta suggested? It might be worth a try.

  9. I hope the increase shows more stability of his numbers. He is so easy going. He has to be after being called a sausage of a cat. Names are another way of showing affection. I have no idea how many different names I used to call Eric and Flynn. It is a wonder that they weren't permanently in total confusion.

  10. It is difficult to manage diabetes in any case but doubly so when the patient cannot talk back to give an update. This plan is well thought out and being there during the change is the way to go.
    Much success to you both in a future without insulin!