Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I hope everyone’s Christmas Day was enjoyable. Mine was good; quiet and relaxing. The cats behaved themselves and spent the day snoozing, watching the very cold world outside and expecting me to give them bits of my dinner, which I did. Last night was a bit raucous, however.

Our Christmas tree did not receive too much adverse attention over the weekend. Parker had to be spoken to rather sternly at first, but after that, he behaved himself, most of the time. Last night, though, it seemed as though everycat was hoping to be noticed. It was like Twelfth Night, with their games and misrule.

I hung bells on the lowest branches of the tree when I decorated. They are old ornaments, as are all of mine, but are of metal, rather than glass. For a couple of hours last evening, I heard bells tinkle every ten minutes.

“Cammie! What are you doing?”

Zoom. Out from under the tree and down the corridor the Princess bolted, the other cats looking at her in wonder. Then…tinkle, tinkle.

“Parker! Get away from there!”

Out comes my sturdy orange-boy, trotting along as if glad to be out of trouble he was pretending never to have been in.


Who is bothering Josie? I have to tell somecat to leave her alone. And Tucker starts whapping at Renn. My big boy, not to be outdone, starts whapping at Tucker.

At last, everycat is settling down. It’s serene. Time to have a shower, relax, read a bit with a cup of tea before bed. I re-charge the drinking-bowls with fresh water. As I am about to place the large one on the floor - zoom! - Renn shoots off the bed and, crouching low, right under the filled bowl, with no space to spare. No water spilled, but plenty sloshing about in the bowl. Sigh.

And so to bed. Everycat is still. Everycat is resting. All is quiet, until…

“Halllerrr? Halllooeror? Hallererroo?”

That’s all right. I don’t have to get up for another four hours.


  1. LOL! Thanks for getting my morning off with a chuckle. Everyone had the "zoomies", apparently! Full of beans. It's always entertaining, but certainly can cause chaos. :-)

  2. I hope everyone at the Cozy Apartment had a Joyous and Blessed Christmas. But now that Christmas is over and Santa has left his gifts, it seems the cats think they no longer need to be good. (Either that, or they are responding to the catnip in the new toys!) :-) But that said, I'm sure they will be happy to help you un-decorate. John, the cats and I wish you and your kitties a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  3. Boy do I EVER know--- to a much smaller degree---what that was like.. And it was Admiral! Katie is more circumspect and usually sleeps through the night, mostly with her nose in my ear!

  4. Never a dull moment with cats around. :)

  5. A bit of zooming around the house to work off the extra turkey dinner. We had a quiet holiday from work for four days although Christmas Day was busy. Holly is enjoying the presents from her stocking. We are happy to hear Christmas was enjoyable and quiet in the Cozy Apartment.

    1. I hope quiet holidays are the sort you like - though Christmas Day is often the busy part of an otherwise relaxing time off. Holly is a lucky cat to have such a home for Christmas.

  6. I hope you and the cats had a lovely Christmas, it sounds like they did.Eric loved to play with the baubles, so one year I bought the little metal jingle bells and hung them all around the bottom of the tree. He loved to whack them to make them jingle, and if they fell off, that made his day. Flynn preferred to keep climbing the tree. Ne never pulled it over though. He left that to Eric.
    I couldn't comment before as we spent our first ever Christmas away from home this year. It was an adults only hotel and we had a lovely time. We couldn't face our first Christmas at home without Flynn. too quiet and lonely.

  7. Sounds like the cats stored up their energy through the day to put on their show that evening. Merry belated Christmas, and an early Happy New Year! Stay warm. :)