Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Scare from Cammie

I would like to thank those who commented on the award the Eastside Cats gave me. Such gestures from them and you are appreciated. It’s always encouraging to have one’s words read.

Now, I would like to relate how Cammie frightened me the day before yesterday. As some of you may know from reading this blog, my princess has digestive problems, probably due to an allergy. Recently, she suffered two episodes of vomiting within a couple of weeks. I am fully alive to any sounds of stomach upset. When I came home from work on Tuesday, I prepared the beasts’ dinners; Cammie was on the top of the tallest cat-tree. I heard her becoming sick.

I was appalled, as I knew that the last thing she needed was another few days of throwing up, not eating, weakness and the inevitable journey to the veterinary hospital. I wanted to see what the spew looked like, as it would tell me what had been brought up and how long ago she had eaten. Whatever the case, it was a disaster. What could possibly have caused it this time?

It was a hairball. It was a long, thick, disgusting, viscous mass. It was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen. Cammie had thrown up an ordinary hairball. She likely couldn’t comprehend why I was telling her how good a girl she was for such an action. I’m sure she thought she was going to be taken to the bathroom - where all medicines are dispensed - and then to the hospital.

I didn’t relax entirely, since I am not completely certain what causes her episodes. I suspect allergies, but with such a sensitive stomach, a hairball may trigger something, too. But I was relieved. Indeed, soon after, the princess was dining well, and, after eating again later that evening, kept everything down.

Cammie continues to eat her new Z/D hard-food, and to enjoy it. Because she eats so little at a time - she has always been like that - I feed her whenever she wants, or whenever I think she will accept some nutrition. This means waking a couple of times during the night to give her something to keep her tummy from growling, but that’s all right. I would like to have her on an all-soft-food diet - I’d like that for all the cats - but she disdains the soft version of Z/D, and even her previous favourite, Fancy Feast. I am fearful of giving her anything she had consumed before now, as I’ve no idea what may have caused an allergic reaction, though I suspect fish. She likes the Z/D, is eating it, is drinking plenty of water (I don’t think the small amount of soft-food she had previously condescended to eat provided much moisture anyway) and is acting healthy and happy, or as happy as she ever does.

Things are going well for Cammie right now and, if she will keep from scaring me, they will continue well for me, too.


  1. I understand your joy of finding a hairball. At least you have an immediate answer :)

  2. A hairball! Oh Cammie, you sure keep your human guessing, don't you?!?

  3. Oh, I was holding my breath just reading your post! I'm glad it was "just" a hairball, though I imagine she felt "off" before she threw it up. (Annie always would get really sookie a day or two before hers.)

    Will Cammie tolerate being brushed, even a bit? If so, it could help eliminate some of that fur, at least at shedding times. Derry loves being furminated, and since his coat is dense, it helps. Nicki enjoys it too, but as he lacks the thick undercoat, I don't do it often. Usually AFTER he's thrown up a hair ball! :-)

  4. I sure hope that special tummy stays settled!

  5. I am glad that her vomiting produced a hairball and was nothing to be alarmed about. Eric used to suffer with hairballs, even with very regular brushing and Katalax to help things through. Like you, I was always very happy to see one appear.

  6. cammie; we noe hairballz iz....well.....ewe noe... but thiz iz one time when we iz glad ya had one ~~~~~~~ keep eatin yur Z foodz N ask dad ta look inta sum of de kibblez made for hairball; a small bag that can bee used az "treetz" ♥♥♥

  7. That poor darling! Will she ever get a break. Glad it was just a hairball and not her fish allergy. Cammie is so fortunate to have such a caring, understanding daddy! Let's hope she continues to stay healthy!

  8. Poor girl but we are glad it was a hair ball and nothing scarier. Give her a pat from us.

  9. OH that is grateful news! Truly it is. Came, what a good girl. I used to feel that way about Admiral too when it was a hairball. Good girl, Cammie. *smooch*

  10. Having a hairball isn't the most pleasant thing, but I'm sure Cammie will agree that it's certainly better than having a food allergy reaction. (I think Dad will agree with that too.) :-)

  11. Sounds little bit like our case. Misio is also vomiting very often. Fur ball too, but sometimes he's just sick and it took us a long time to figure it out what was the reason.
    And around half year ago when he had a lot of these episodes vet told us to make USG test. We did it and we realized, that he has the IBD disease (inflammatory bowel disease). It means, that the problem is located in his intestines - it's a self-injury disease. He needs to get steroids, we recently have changed his treatment, because the provious medicine could cause too much side effects. Maybe try to check it, this disease is recently discovered, I haven't even heard about it 2 years ago.

    Main symptomes of IBD are:
    -weak apetite (or not eating)
    It can cause gastritis and inflammation of the pancreas.

    And what about the fur balls - it's better for cat to remove it, it means that cat didn't stuck. You can try to give him a paste which prevents vomiting fur balls (they usually dissolved or oil the fur in the stomach and cat can easily expel it with faeces).

    I wish you a lot of health! <3

    1. I am actually more worried about Josie than Cammie, as I am sure the lattrer's problem is allergic. Josie, on the other hand, may have something more serious, and observations of her health continue. She may have to go back to the doctor soon.