Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Night of the Strange Parker

Thanks again to all those who commented on Cammie’s well-being. The princess is doing well so far. She is eating the Z/D hard-food, and seems to like it. I still haven’t found a satisfactory way in which to leave it for her during the day, as Renn, who enjoys it as well, has learned that I put it at the top of the tallest cat-tree… Well, I can still give it to Cammie when I see that she wants it, and she is drinking a little more water now, probably to compensate for the drier intake of food.

On another subject, my orange foster-cat, Parker, was behaving strangely last evening. It wasn’t strange in a bad way, but it was different. First, he climbed to the top of the tallest cat-tree and had a lie-down. It may be that he, like Renn, smelled the Z/D up there, but he wasn’t looking for anything when he arrived; he just lie down for a few minutes.

Then he tried out the hammock, which Tucker favours but no one else does to any great extent. Parker had not used the hammock previously.

After that, it was to the top of the cabinets in the kitchen. He is a very active fellow, but this time, he couldn’t get down safely, and called for help. I lifted him down.

At last, the sturdy boy settled for a while on the platform under the cylinder on the cylinder-house cat-tree. He has not reposed there before, but seemed to like it. It was the least adventurous spot of the night, so I was content to let him rest.

My sturdy-boy is an inquisitive cat; not as scientific as Renn, as Parker’s curiosity comes and goes, and has less to do with learning than with fun. But that’s all right; a cat should never out-grow his sense of fun - or his periodic strangeness.


  1. We know you'll keep an eye on Parker, and it's good to know that Cammie is doing well too.

  2. He was having a "Goldilocks" moment, looking for the most comfortable spot, perhaps. :-)

  3. He absolutely was ready for a good change of pace! You are adventuresome Parker. And pretty agile too for a sturdy boy

  4. parker...dood...grate job on keepin dad guessin & on hiz toez !!

    cammie; we willna jinx ya bye sayin any thing.....heerz a mind meld oh R thoughtz ~~~~~~~~~♥♥♥

    happee heartz day oh love guyz two all oh ewe frum all oh uz !! ☺☺☺☺♥♥♥♥♥

  5. It sure sounds like Parker is adjusting nicely and feeling more comfy with his environment!

  6. Glad Parker had some fun exploring.

  7. /the only suggestion I can think of is a special feeder that opens to Cammies microchip. They look rather pricey though.

    Good on Parker for exploring new spots. Maybe he just wants a new snoozy spot. Miss Pops will pick a new one just about every week and it may be 6 months or so until she will return to the old ones.

  8. I see Parker is keeping you on your toes. But after all, isn't that a cat's job??

  9. It's good to keep the humans guessing, Parker.