Thursday, November 22, 2018

Open for the Season

I am attempting once again this winter to provide a warm refuge for a homeless cat or two. No, I don’t mean my apartment. Six is plenty. (I know I said that, with a variation in the number, at four, and five… Don’t interrupt. I’m trying to explain something.)

So I have brought out the tube-house, cleaned it up and provided it with actual straw. The straw, supplied by a generous friend, is what is needed to keep a cat warm and dry on a cold day, or night. So far, however, I have had no guests in Hotel Cosy. Of course, it is early days yet, and we have not been afflicted with terribly low temperatures. But I wanted to open the hotel up for guests to check out, before they check in.

One of the problems is that there may not be any outsider-cat with no shelter of some sort already established. Sable and Sablette, who still come to feed at my place, must have a home of sorts elsewhere; the times between their visits is too lengthy for them not to. There are three other new cats who have visited; I have given them names: Oberon, a big black, long-haired fellow with a green collar; Galleon, a smaller tuxedo, also with a collar, and Nimbus, a majestic long-haired grey boy. But all three may have homes, though they don’t mind the extra bite to eat while stopping at Café Cosy.

However, the hotel is open for business, if there is any business to be had. The restaurant is well-stocked, and the service is friendly. Patrons will just have to ignore the gawkers from inside the neighbouring apartment.


  1. I'm so glad that "The Cozy Hotel" is now open for business. I'm sure once word gets around in the Feral Cat Community you'll have a lot of kitties checking in, even if it's just for food and water. Winter is so hard on community cats, I know they appreciate someone looking out for them. Thank you for caring, John.

  2. Indeed what a cozy comfortable spot for a homeless kitty to get warm and have a nice nap or two!

  3. I'm sure Café Cosy will be welcome at some point through the long winter months ahead. It's wonderful that you're doing this, and able to! :-)

  4. That is a warm and inviting shelter which homeless cats will be glad of once they know that Café Cosy is open for guests.

  5. Gawkers in the neighbouring apartment :) I am sure once word is out the guests will be showing up at reception demanding a room.
    You need a mansion, John.

  6. Oh John, I laughed so hard...don't interrupt...I'm still laughing.

    I'm sure at some point, some kitty will find Hotel Cozy a great place to hang out for a rest. I certainly hope the cats you've seen (and named) do have homes. I do wish, that there humans would keep them indoors.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Cat people don't count like regular folks...LOL!
    Thanks for putting out a warm napping spot for the outside kitties! I hope that they use it!