Monday, April 22, 2019

A Sunnier Day

Raleigh is feeling better. I noticed a change as early as Saturday night, when I was playing with the cats. Peachy joined in just a little. That is, he lifted his paw a few times to try to capture the string-toy. It was a start.

Yesterday, I saw that his right eye was surrounded with brown goop, as if an inflammation had burst. I cleaned him up, added more eye-drops and noted that the eye was less swollen and red than it had been. Last night, he was more interested in playing.

This morning, he was impatient for his breakfast, and ate what amounted to three quarters of a 5.5 ounce tin of food. He was also running about a bit, as he does sometimes before a meal. His eye looks better still.

I have two days’ worth of anti-biotic to give him, and I will be giving it to him. I want to pound that infection back to where it came from, so he gets as much medicine as I have. He will also continue to receive the eye-drops.

An interesting aspect is that Raleigh is now crawling back onto my lap, even though I am still putting medicine in his eye. I think, though he dislikes such a treatment, what he really disliked was receiving it in a sore eye. Now, I suspect, it is more an inconvenience than a pain. As well, I have taken to brushing him immediately after he gets his drops, which he enjoys.

Unless he has a serious relapse, he will not be going to the doctor; I had planned to take him today. That would have been enough to set off any number of stress-related difficulties, and I want to keep him as relaxed as possible. While I am loathe to count chickens before they break out of their shells, I think another crisis has been overcome.


  1. I'm so glad Raleigh is feeling better. However, I would give the vet a call to see how long he should remain on the antibiotics. If you stop an antibiotic too soon, the infection might recur. Also, stopping an antibiotic prematurely may cause the bacteria to become resistant to that antibiotic in the future. I'm also glad to hear Raleigh is now interacting with you more. I figured he would return to your lap once he felt better.

    1. I intend to use up the rest of the anti-biotic I was given for Raleigh, but I will take your suggestion and call the doctor about him. She may want more anti-biotic given.

  2. This photo is delightful; look at that comfy kitty! Glad his eye is improving!

  3. Great news! The kitties send their purrs that the infection is overcome completely. Raleigh deserves as do you!


  4. That's so good to hear. About Raleigh returning to your lap--perhaps he realizes that the eye drops are making him feel better, so he knows you're trying to help, not harass him.

  5. OH we are so happy to learn Raleigh is feeling better, and I know that makes you also feel better. Hope the Vet gives you the news you want to hear.

  6. This is much, much better news! We're glad he's doing better, and we're continuing to send positive energy and purrs (to all of your crew).

  7. I am so glad to read this. SO happy Peachy is better and feeling more in tune with his family. And I am glad for you. I know how hard it is so see them not well and suffering. Well, for me, it took all my energy with Admiral, which is why I just said that to you- but I suspect I may be a worrier.

  8. dood.....we haz been offline fora few....we hope ya continmew ta improove N bye like two day, de nastee eye infectshunz nothin but hiss tree !!! never hurtz ta throw in sum st francis' blessingz sew heer R sum for de takin ~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  9. Raleigh is looking content and relaxed. I am glad there is a big improvement in his eye.