Saturday, April 20, 2019

My Usual Long Weekend

It’s the Easter long weekend, and at the cosy apartment, a long weekend means that someone is sick. This time, it is not Cammie, who is doing well right now. It is Raleigh.

Raleigh has an eye infection. His left eye, which leaks a thick ooze on a chronic basis is, relatively, healthy. His right eye is infected and somewhat inflamed. Before the weekend, I acquired drops and anti-biotic pills to give Peachy, and thought they would solve or at least reduce the problem. They have not, and I am reproaching myself for not taking him to the veterinary prior to the weekend.

Naturally, Raleigh is very reluctant to have the eye-drops applied, as I must open his sore eye to do so. He is therefore avoiding me, and no longer comes on to my lap. As well, he is not feeling good, and eating much less than he usually does, so I am anxious every time I must give him his pills, which are crushed up in his food. He is taking his Prednisolone tablet each day, as well as two anti-biotic pills a day. This necessitates him consuming enough food to accommodate three tablets. I could, if it comes to it, force the pill whole into him, but Raleigh is the most easily stressed cat in the world, and that would be traumatic for him. So far, I have been able to get his requisite amount of medicine into him, but it is a struggle.

I suspect that, with his FIV, such episodes will be almost common with the Peach throughout his life. I feel very bad about this, and can hope only that the food, warmth and companionship that he will also receive will be enough of a compensation.

As an aside, Parker is now receiving a quarter-tablet of Prednisolone to ease any discomfort he may be experiencing. I spoke with his doctor about this, and she told me that he could have as much as a whole tablet (five milligrams) a day, but I don’t think he is at that stage yet. There was no real sign of increased distress in the sturdy-boy, but he is adept at hiding it, so I thought I would begin a minor dosage of relief in any case. The quarter-pill allows me to expand the amount if necessary, with his cancer unused to the increased amounts.

Life is never dull with my beasts, unfortunately.


  1. We are so lucky Buddy takes his thyroid medication when dad wraps it is treat. It is so difficult to pill cats who are nervous and I worry that if Timmy ever gets ill he will be out of luck unless I can get an injectable. We are thinking of you on this weekend and send purrs and prayers to you and yours
    Dad and Family

  2. I am sorry that Raleigh feels poorly on this long weekend. I wonder if the antibiotics can be administered in a topical Gell that is applied to his ear would work? Trying to get a pill into a cat is something that all cat owners can relate to.
    Happy Easter to you and the cats.

  3. I saw that subject line in my feed and right away knew someone was sick. I thought it might be Cammie again. But, awww, poor Raleigh. His eye isn't so bad that removing it would be better, is it? Nicki and Derry are sending him purrs. As always, we send purrs and purrayers to Parker, you and your whole crew. I hesitate to write "happy" Easter, but you understand the intent, I'm sure. I can and do wish you all peace and blessings.

  4. Oh, poor Peachy. He’s had more than his share of trouble. And poor you. With Parker’s illness, I was hoping the rest of your crew would not have any problems.

  5. We sure hope Raleigh feels better too and we hope you all enjoy a
    quiet and uneventful weekend.

  6. Poor Raleigh! It seems that he just can't catch a break...nor you either. Glad to hear that Parker is holding on.

    Hope the rest of the weekend shows some improvement. Take care!

  7. Bless you and your kitty hospice. They are lucky to have such a kind father as you to tend to their needs.

    I hope you got some relaxing done as well - some reading and tasty food.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  8. Oh Raleigh...bless you. Parker, and the other members of the feline family as well, and YOU John. Nothing goes un-noticed my friend. This we know. May there be peace in the household this weekend and tomorrow in particular.

  9. It seems that cats always get sick on weekends, (especially on holiday weekends), and they rarely cooperate when it's time for their medication. I know that it sometimes takes 2 or 3 days for antibiotics to start working, so hopefully Raleigh is feeling better by now. I'm sure that once he realizes you're trying to help him, he will stop avoiding you, and he'll be sitting in your lap once again. Meanwhile, John, I wish you and your feline family a happy and blessed Easter.

  10. Hope Raleigh feels better soon,Hoppy Easter,xx Speedy

    1. Thank you, Speedy, and a hoppy, er happy Easter to you, too.

  11. OH we are all so sorry to hear Raleigh is not feeling well. As hard as it is for the cats, I know this is taking a toll on you too. Keeping your in my thoughts and prayers on this Blessed Day.

  12. I am sorry that Raleigh is not feeling well. I hope the low dose of Pred. is helping Parker to feel more comfortable.