Sunday, April 14, 2019

Not Yet

I know a number of readers of this blog were wondering about Parker. If the truth be told, I was thinking on Friday that this might be the orange-boy’s last weekend. I am, however, revising his plans for him.

I watched him carefully over the weekend, and realised that I must be cautious not to ascribe how he is feeling to how he is feeling now. Friday was not a good day for him. Saturday, however, was different. He is a foster-cat from the PAW Society, of which I am a member. He was formerly sponsored by another rescue-group, with whom PAW works very closely. That group’s founder and chief mover, who is still very attached to Parker, came to visit him Saturday morning. Parker, who has been indifferent to visitors at times, even hostile, behaved well, and was at ease.

I had to go out for several hours that afternoon, but when I returned, the sturdy-boy and I went for a walk. Later, he had a very good meal. That evening, he was at an open window, sniffing the vernal scents. Sunday was an even better day. Parker felt strong enough to walk across the street, down to the end of the block, cross the street again and make it about half the way back to the apartment building. His nose was moving constantly, and he listened to birds and watched people. Afterward, back home, he ate half a large tin of Hounds and Gatos pork pâté, followed by half a tin of Fancy Feast chicken-and-liver. He was still sleeping that off hours later.

I am watching my boy in regards to several gauges. I watch his body language, especially his tail’s movements, but also his restfulness / restlessness, his positions and where he chooses to lie. I watch his food- and water-consumption. I watch his interaction with the environment, and how responsive he is. I watch his trips to the litter-boxes.

There was a thought I had of taking Parker to the veterinary early this week, to see how the doctor believed he was faring. But I don’t think that is necessary at this point. It would add stress to my boy when he needs it least, and be a pointless expense. I do intend to telephone the veterinary tomorrow and talk about pain-management. I don’t think Parker requires much of it right now, but he may benefit from receiving some soon.

For the moment, then, Parker stays with his family. Considering his condition, that may change, and it may change abruptly. I hope that if it does, I will know it, and, once I know it, will be able to cope with it.


  1. Cancer is such an unpredictable disease.

    Hang in there, Parker. A lot of us love you and are supporting you in absentia.

  2. Thank you for updating us about how Parker is doing. I'm so glad that you and he had such a great weekend. The care you're giving Parker is incredible, and the love you have for each other is so evident. You are both in my thoughts and prayers, and may you have many such good weekends together.

  3. Awww good on you Mr Parker. You make the most of everyday. Enjoy your noms and rest easy Mr Orange. Sending you hugs.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. I am glad you and Parker were able to enjoy a good weekend, and I hope you get a lot more together.
    I know from Flynn that when the bad days come you feel sure it is the end, but then come the good days and so it continues. He will let you know when the bad days become too much for him, and until then enjoy each other's company.
    Parker couldn't wish for someone who gives him more love and care than you do.

  5. I'm glad for an update, and a good one at that. How wonderful that Parker had such a good weekend; I hope that continues. Continued purrs and purrayers from us.

  6. Parker stays on my mind with positive thoughts coming his way and yours. I say take each good day with a grateful heart, which I know you do. We only have this moment, so if its a good one -- GREAT! Keeping you all in my thoughts.

  7. I have been thinking of you and he every single day. I was fearful that the week was not good. I was much relieved to see you here today and two learn he had a good walkie and ate like he should and rested so well afterward.

  8. So glad to hear Parker is doing as well as he is and I truly believe it is because he has such a caring human. Your continued love and affection, good food and fresh air are just what he needs.

    Thinking of you both.

  9. Parker has the bestest foster-dad in the world!

  10. dood....we due knot wanna jinx any thing.....we R soooper stizouz like that.. sew what we R gonna say... bee sidez whatz in R mindz eye... iz that ya did a grate job protectin de stove !! ♥♥♥

  11. This is such a damnable disease in cats and us that I hate it. We are sending purrs and prayers and know you are in tune with Parker and will make sure he has what he needs.