Sunday, March 29, 2020

Easier Like Sunday Morning

It was a bumpy week for Cammie, but I believe this one will be better.

I did have to take the princess to the doctor on Friday. I perhaps should have done so earlier, but I was hoping such a stressful event would not be necessary. However, she threw up thrice that morning, starting in the wee hours. I called the hospital as soon as it opened and arranged for Cammie to be brought in just for a Cerenia injection. If I had requested an examination, it may not have been possible, as there were no appointments available.

It was an interesting journey she and I had to take (as I age, I am growing to dislike interesting things, unless they are books or movies.) The veterinary hospital has reduced its hours because of the corona virus crisis, and thus is busier. I would have preferred a quick once-over for my Siamese girl, and perhaps some fluids, but those were not, I thought, necessary. A quick injection, however, was possible.

The cab was more than an hour coming after I had called one – I had checked beforehand into how long I would have to wait, and had been told thirty to forty minutes. The cab companies are operating with decreased drivers, and are very busy. When I arrived at the hospital, I had to wait outside for a veterinary technician to come and retrieve Cammie in her carrier. The door to the hospital was locked and unlocked each time an employee came and went. The taxi-driver was kind enough not to keep his meter running while I waited. (He told me that they were “not very busy, anyway.” His opinion was, clearly, different than his dispatcher’s.) Cammie was returned to me after receiving her injection. I had taken time off of work for the trip and returned there, afterward.

Strangely, following a week during which Cammie continued to eat and drink in between vomiting, quite contrary to her usual episodes, after being given Cerenia, she lost her appetite – but didn’t throw up. She did eat and drink some Friday evening, but she was out of sorts again Saturday, and ate little. Today, however, she is behaving a little more typically. There is, I believe, nonetheless something still a little ‘off’ about her. She has not brought up any more food or water, thank goodness, and is eating, so the immediate problems are in abeyance.

I can’t help thinking that she has weakened recently. She walks with more frailty and, now and then, her rear legs give out on her. But this morning, she climbed the stairs to the bed, and lie on my chest for a while, purring. She indulged in her morning stretch – a walk around and outside the bedroom – and had a decent breakfast. For a blind, fifteen year old cat who suffered a stroke ten months ago, she is doing adequately. For the rest, I will keep vigilant and, as are many of us currently, be thankful day by day.


  1. Poor Cammie; it wouldn't be surprising if the stroke left her constitution weaker.

    At least she seems to be feeling better. I hope she'll continue to do so.

  2. I sure am glad Cammie is doing some better and we hope the improvement continues.

  3. I hope Cammie continues to improve and that no further medical intervention will be necessary for her. Or for any of your fur crew, for that matter.

    Purrs from Derry and my best to you all. Stay safe and healthy.

  4. I too was thinking that perhaps her condition is weakened a bit because of the stroke. Bless her... and soft cyber hugs and little smooches on her back from me to her.

  5. What a Friday event for Cammie and you, John. Glad you could get her
    the injection and hope her stomach settles down. Nice of the cab
    driver to wait, with out more cost. But then you were off to go back
    to work! Hope the rest of the weekend was a bit more calm.
    I do not like any kind of change or technology and more! Life!

  6. I'm so glad to hear that Cammie is feeling better, and may her improvement continue. Your observation that Cammie has weakened recently sounds like what I have observed with my Jessica. Like Cammie, Jess is showing the effects of age and illness. But every day we have our cats with us is a blessing.

  7. I am glad that Cammie is now eating and not bringing her food back up. As cats age sometimes the changes like the frailty you observed are so slight. More very slight changes come and it can take a while to be noticeable. I hope she continues to improve.

  8. Ah! Bless! Cammie! She's lovely..
    Pleased to hear there are people
    out there to help..
    And..with everything you do John..
    She'll be o.k. Sounds as though she's
    not letting her life there hold her
    up..and if she can get up the stairs..
    That's a plus! :).

  9. Oh, Cammie girl! Eat up, sweetpea.

  10. I am glad that things have settled with Cammie. It was kind of the taxi driver to wait for you. Like you I take Miss Pops to the vet in a taxi, but luckily it is only a 5 minute drive away and very cheap.

    Please give your princess a pat from us.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  11. We are so glad Cammie is doing a little better. When you have an elder who is a bit frail you never know what exactly to do but it sounds like the Cerenia injection was the right thing. We send our purrs and prayers for the Princess knowing she has the best possible care. She knows too we are sure.

  12. Glad to hear that Cammie is doing some better. I'm hopeful she continues to improve under your loving care.