Monday, June 28, 2021

Our Time

I try to give my cats as much of my time as I can. What with work and chores, and the few hours I manage to sleep, the four of them don’t get much of me. But I like to give each his moment.

Renn has bath-time, when he waits happily with me while the tub fills with hot water. Later, he will join me for movie-night - through which he’ll sleep. Neville will come up on my lap for a prolonged session of chin-rubs. Porta now likes to snuggle next to me on the library couch.

Tucker, on the other hand, always seems to be near me. He’s at the dining table if I am writing, or - especially - if I am eating. He lies on the floor at my feet if I sit and read on the siting room couch, and he likes to snooze on the bed while I work on the computer.

But our favourite time is when I lift him up to the kitchen window. There is no chair or cat-tree or counter near enough to it for him to look out himself, so I will hold him. I talk to him as we look out; I ask him what he sees, and point out things that may interest him. He always purrs. When he is in a bad mood - perhaps Portia’s growls have been preventing the roly poly from going to the bedroom, or if he has thrown up a good dinner - holding him at the kitchen window and talking to him always makes him happy again. It is our time together; a short time, just a few minutes, really, but I think he views it as a treat.

I know I do.


  1. I wonder if he's particularly pleased by that particular view, or is it the "special service" of being held up to it?

    Probably both.

  2. What a lovely post and what a terrific pet parent you are. The cats are extremely lucky to have you love them and care for them, and it's evident that they love you too. God bless you, John!

  3. It's your special time together, you and The Tucks!

  4. Oh my goodness that is sweet. Miss pops is soothed by being brushed as I chat about my day.

  5. I agree that Tucker is enjoying the special time that is yours and his only. It's a time of renewal for him...and really for you as well. Tell us, what ritual if any did you have with Josie and Cammie? Raleigh? Tungsten, Parker (walks for him I know). For Katie and me, it's waking up and 5 minutes or so of closeup loud purring snuggles; and she gets all the smooches.

  6. Those are all really wonderful times together.

  7. Each kitty is getting good individual attention, so that is great.
    Love how you have a really special time with Tucker.

  8. It is lovely that they all have their special time with you, especially Tucker who gets the views the others can't see.
    Eric also loved bath time, maybe a bit too much. Whenever either of us got in the tub he would immediately stand on the laundry basket to climb on top of whoever was there. It was essential to have the towel at hand because he would start to make biscuits on bare skin. Once he had finished he would lie down on the towel with one paw in the water and his tail floating.

  9. I think it's called Happiness! :O)
    With a capital 'H'..!x

  10. You certainly try to divide your time evenly between all the kitties. It's nice that you do something special for Tucker by holding him and looking out the window together. For me it's getting Precious to come over to the back door and I sit on the floor with her and we watched Chipmunks or Birds. Quality time is the best time. Enjoy the moments.

  11. This is such a sweet, loving post. I agree with everyone, of course, and with Undine's comment that Tucker is particularly pleased with both being held up and the view. It's definitely your special snuggle time. ♥

  12. catfather....noe joke; de gurl holdz me up ta look out de window kewl iz thiz !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    tuna of moon

  13. We all have our special times too. Wonderful to know that you all are being loved so deeply. Tucker you lucky fellow

  14. Before I retired in 2006, my daily routine was to get up ay 5 AM, shower dress, make a lunch to bring to work, feed the cats and leave. Getting ready to leave, commuting, working, and returning at 6PM took 13 hours of my day.

    I loved my cats, but after making dinner and doing chores before falling into bed, there was never as much cat-time as I wanted. I gave them what I could with tossed toys and kibbles to chase and sritchies and other attention.

    They probably got more attention from me in bed. I learned to let them sleep around me in any way that gave them comfort. And that's why I always had 2 or 3. They gave each other attention.

    Then in the first week of March 2006, I retired. Last to leave the office, I turned out the lights, locked the door and drove off into the sunset.

    When I got home, I told Skeeter and LC, "OK, I'm yours". The best years of my (and their) lives started then. Full attention to the cats and they loved it. Their life expanded, going outside more than just weekends.

    Tossed toys at mid-day. Wet food for them at lunch. Closer connections among all of us...

    1. Your working life is where I am now, all work and little play. Unfortunately, I won't be able to retire, so my beasts will have to make do with what little I have to offer them.