Sunday, December 11, 2022

His Sudden Burst of Speed

Neville is getting up in years. Officially thirteen and a half years old, he has progressed into seniority from middle age. He moves slowly for the most part, and prefers the sedentary life. He also prefers to be left alone.

These two characteristics, the desire to avoid the other cats in the Cosy Apartment, and the torpid movement, are sometimes at odds. Nev will now and then walk rapidly, even run, to get away from his feline roommates, usually Hector or Zofia. This weekend saw a more energetic application of this policy. Not having been able to record the event, I will re-create it through my illustrative skills.

Neville was lying behind an armchair in the sitting room. His usual place was at the top of the taller cat tree, though he sometimes settled on the top of the lower. However, that spot was occupied by the inoffensive Horace.

Quite suddenly, the Nevsky threw himself into a burst of speed. He ran from behind the farther armchair, bounced off the nearer armchair to the second platform of the lower cat-tree, briefly landing next to Horace, who didn’t have time to register the intrusion before Neville was shooting past him to the taller cat-tree, where he came to rest in his accustomed spot.

I don’t know if such exertion cost my bulky grey flyer much joint pain, or if he felt it in his muscles afterward. But he seems to have been gratified by the results, safe in his high perch. There he could return to his normal: preferring the sedentary life, and being left alone.


  1. Trying very successfully to bypass Horace before Horace could have a chance to even flinch. Good job Neville, quite the feat.

  2. Just proving he's still got it. And he wanted it, lol!

  3. Perhaps he wanted to tryout for the Olympics Gymnastics Team??

  4. Your description did make me laugh. Horace must have wondered what was happening!

  5. Way to go Neville, keep on going, and fast too!

  6. HaHa! Bless the little fella...! Love him to bits!x
    And only thirteen and a half....not a lot in pussy
    cat years...!
    Though he may be keeping you amused as your
    recovering from your surgery...! And stuck at home!

  7. I, too, laughed at this! Your illustrative skills were up to the task! Way to go, Neville, you definitely still have "it."

  8. Neville, your Dad's depiction got me laughing. I have to go to the dentist this morning and even so, I am laughing, LOVE those arrows.
    XO to you Neville,
    Katie's Mom

  9. I had no idea Nev had such gymnastic talent!

  10. Adrenaline does wonders, it seems! Good moves, Neville!