Sunday, November 6, 2022

Battle is Joined

I at last was able to capture Hector and Zofia wrestling. They intersperse this activity with chasing when they play. I found it interesting that the chase came first, and was their only game for a while. I think they had to gauge how serious each other was taking the game before moving on to something that might be more dangerous.

Now, they wrestle quite often. Sometimes, Zofia growls and grumbles while they fight; Hector never does. Of course I watch for signs of real combat, but they aren’t there. I think little Miss Zed is practicing being a real fighter; this may be one of the ways kittens learn how to act in a genuine battle: along with movement, there must be sound.

And on the subject of sound, Zofia periodically squeals and yells during close-in combat, as if in distress. I break up their match then, but with further observation, I have determined not to do it so soon. Those noises too may be part of learning, or they may be mock cries for help, to get her opponent to back off. In any case, she is hardly hurt or fearful: in almost every instance, as soon as she has her freedom, she renews the struggle, now having the advantage and using it to jump on Hec or whap him in the head. I am not worried about Hector intentionally harming Miss Zed, but she is so small and slender that injury may come nonetheless, inadvertently.

A favoured battleground is the nylon cube that a friend bought for the kitten. I think they like the enclosed feeling, the pliable walls allowing a fighter to brace herself, while the holes permit an escape. Now and then, Zofia will simply bounce about frantically inside the cube by herself, with Hector wondering when the exuberance will spend itself.

All of this is good for both of them, I believe. The only concern I have is, as mentioned above, that Zofia will be hurt by accident. But that is unlikely, and, as she grows and gains strength, ever more so. Then the concern may become Hector being hurt!



  1. Zofia and Hector certainly have bonded. They look so cute playing together. I bet things are never dull at the Cosy Apartment.

  2. Looks like great play time for these two. A couple of cardboard boxes make a great kitten castle.

  3. Ah! Bless! I think there bounding well together....
    You'll have to build some kind of wrestling ring
    John...Ropes, turnbuckle and canvass..HeHe!
    Then you can invite friends for afternoon matches,
    and charge...! :).

    Bless them..lovely to see and enjoy...! :O).

  4. The cube appears to be for Miss Zofia like one of those giant bouncy houses for human children. It may also serve as her Fortress as she prepares for another battle. And of course as a princess warrior she will always succeed.

  5. I love knowig they are all three playing. Like you, I would be concerned and watchful for injury while playing. They aren't allowed to do this while you are gone?

    1. No. So far, Zofia is confined to the library when I am asleep or absent.

  6. We do love a good tussle!

    It seems Zofia can hold her own quite well, in spite of the current size difference, and the wrestling is excellent exercise for them both.

    As you know, Nicki and Derry tussled all the time and it was very rare that it crossed a line (Nicki's doing of course).

    Zofia and Hector will be fine! 🙂

  7. Oh goodness kitten playing is just so adorable!

  8. What fun! I wouldn't worry too much. I remember Silas and Saku wrestling (and Silas was 22 pounds at his heaviest while Saku was a kitten), and although there were some screeches from the youngster, I don't remember there ever being any damage done. Of course, I think Silas occasionally sat on the kitten. :)

  9. They are having such fun. Flynn was a bit of a screecher when playing but he was always the instigator too.

  10. That really is some good exercise for the both of them, and fun times too.

  11. Kitten and cat wrassling is good times and exercise for both of them...And yes, I too think its like practice for if and when they need to do it for real...hopefully never.