Monday, November 14, 2022

The Wonder of It All

One of the joys of living with a kitten is seeing her expressions of wonder at all the new sights and sounds she encounters, and at Zofia’s age, most things are new. She stared wide-eyed at water running from a tap as it filled the bath-tub, and she approached with caution and curiosity a pile of books on the sitting room floor.

Here she is watching birds drop to the ground outside, to find bits of food scattered for them in the snow. Big birds and bigger birds - for few are small to a cat of little Miss Zed’s size: they are fascinating creatures. Their sudden descents and abrupt flights fill her vision and widen her world.

And she wants to make sure I see these fabulous beasts, too.


  1. Ah, Miss Zofia, what youthful wonder you have. It has been a lifetime ago since I lived with a tiny kitten, Seney,30 years! But I definitely remember the playful days of Precious at 15 months. It is a treat for us humans to enjoy.

  2. WHAT a sweet baby! I could not keep my own paws off her! Smoochie smoochie straight to her.

  3. There is a particular joy about watching a happy kitten grow into the world.

  4. She is so lucky to see all these sights from indoors in the warmth.

  5. She's such a precious girl. If she were my foster I would be a foster fail! Lol.

  6. Ms Z is so adorable! I agree with Kea - if she were my foster, I'd be a foster failure.

  7. When l came back to the UK in 73...My first pussy~cat
    was a pure white one, called Darlinga....I always remeber
    soaking in the bath, eyes closed, thinking of..what ever...
    opening my eyes and seeing this white head peering
    over the edge of the bath...! :)
    HaHa! She used to look up and down, then look at me
    as if to say...'What ya do'in in there Dad'.... ! :O).

  8. Just look at here watching with such intensity! ts like the TV for her, only better!

  9. We love this little lady kitten.