Tuesday, October 17, 2023

A Hard Parting

Brazil went to his prospective new home today.

Putting him into the carrier took about twenty minutes. He knew something was up and evaded me when I tried to put him inside the first time. Then followed endless rounds of the apartment. I at last cornered him in the storeroom, and managed to put him in a carrier

He went to the hospital for a check-up, though this was not really achieved. As soon as he was let out of the carrier, he leaped about the room looking for a way to escape. I’ve not before seen a cat leap seven feet to the top of a doorjamb, hoping to hide there. He was eventually captured for a cursory examination and his booster-shot, but that was all. I was glad to have taken the precaution of telling the staff to make sure the doors to the examining room were closed and not to open them while Shimmer was there; if he had gotten into the rest of the hospital, we likely would not have caught him.

Then it was off to his new home. His initial room is set up with all that he could want, though this made little impression on Brazil. He did not rush about in a panic here, however. I left him crouching on a window sill.

During my attempts at home to catch him, at the hospital and at his new abode, Shimmer was clearly unhappy, but though he carved a deep scratch in my arm leaping away during the earliest attempts at capture, it was a rear claw, and an inadvertent injury. He could have been ferocious, and, I think, wanted to be – he was on the verge of growling – but that’s not him. He is a nice fellow. I was gratified that both at the hospital and his new abode, I was able to touch him, pet him and calm him.

Even so, I felt terrible leaving him, betraying his trust in me, and taking him away from what he had undoubtedly considered his home. I have helped deliver foster-cats before, and have said ‘good-bye’ to many from my own residence. But having to leave Brazil with strangers, forever, was hard. I won’t be doing the like again. However, this is his chance. I am optimistic with regard to his chances. His new people want him for the right reasons, and are willing to be patient. Indeed, they have waited a long time, their interest in him constant. Nonetheless, it was a hard parting.

This is the worst of fostering. I know that Brazil will, if this works out, have the best of homes, and my own home will be available for another friendless cat. But cats don’t know the reasons for what must seem like abandonment. Soon, though, he will have new loyalties and new joys. The past will be, if not forgotten, unimportant. But not for me.


  1. Best wishes to Brazil that life will be wonderful in his new home, and that he will thrive and be happy. That must have been a very hard thing to do, even knowing it is his big chance. Best wishes to you, too.

  2. I do hope Brazil's new home works out for the best for both he and his family.
    This is why I cannot see myself fostering as it would break my heart to let a cat I'd grown to love move on. It's clear you had made a special bond with Brazil. He's learned to trust (at least when he's out of the cage and away from the hospital) and in time I'm sure he'll learn to trust in this new place.

  3. I certainly can understand how you feel. Like Saku, I could not foster - I'd be a "foster failure". I wouldn't be able to give the cat up. Even though Brazil will eventually become accustomed to his new home, I am sure he will always remember your love and kindness.

  4. I almost was in tears feeling bad for both you and Brazil at what shpuld actually be a joyous event...but ahh, I am sure you will eventually get a good report of Brazil adjusting once again to his true forever home. Best wishes, Brazil!

  5. Said it before....Your an amazing guy John....
    I certainly could'nt do what you do, and that's
    foster...but, l suppose there is the satisfaction
    of knowing Brazil, and all the others, are all
    settled into loving homes...!
    Good luck Brazil...Good luck..Have a happy life...

  6. He's touched your heart and no doubt left a scar on you. Hat's off to you John, I too would struggle with the goodbyes. I wish Mr Brazil, the happiest of lives.

  7. Only the best of wishes for that sweet boy. Of course the animals simply have no idea what we humans are trying to do to them and for them. This does sound like a very tough case for you to let go of.

  8. dood, we wish ewe de best oh everee fizh in de sea, N thatz a lot. may
    yur new home feel like …..home…. sooper quik 💙🐟💚🍀

  9. Poor love, we so wish we could explain to them that all will be well. I hope Brazil settles in well, however long that takes, and that he has a happy, healthy life in his forever home. ♥

  10. Prayers for a happy ending ... it was even sad for me to read but yes hopefully the best thing a new forever home!

  11. I completely understand how you felt.Totally and fully understand. So much so I feel it myself in a way. You will remember him always, now.

  12. That is so sad. I feel terrible that your parting with Brazil was so painful for both of you. I hope the poor little boy comes to love his new people soon.

  13. That has to be so tough once they adjust so fully. You do amazing things for so many though.