Friday, October 27, 2023

Home Again

The aftermath of Brazil’s return was not very bad, I can report. Catching him was easier than - well, not as difficult as - I thought it would be. I let him run about his room for a few minutes. Each time he abandoned a hiding spot, I turned it over or otherwise blocked it. He ended up on a window sill where I scruffed him and pushed him into his carrier. As before, when I first took him to his abortively new home, he could have made things much more troublesome - indeed, painful - for me, but he did not. Also as previously, he seemed to resign himself to incarceration when he was half-way into the carrier. The one advantage of his debacle is that I know now that capturing him initially was not a fluke; I can do it again if need be.

Released at home in the library, he ran into the closet, which I had opened for him. But he did not stay there long, and was soon out and smelling familiar surroundings. I kept him in the room until after snack-time. He was fine with his return. He sniffed the cats he knew and the cats he didn’t. The newcomers, Theodore and Chiff, hissed and growled at him, arching their backs, but this reaction seemed rather half-hearted; they didn’t fight and Shimmer accepted them almost without comment.

With me, he was shy but not frightened. By this morning, though, he was allowing me to pet him at any time, and rubbed up against me as of old while waiting for his food; when I left him to go to work, he was once again sharing the top of the taller sitting-room cat-tree with Renn.

Aurora’s spay surgery went well, though some of her baby-teeth (two of which I had found in the past few weeks) seemed to have caused a slight infection, so she is receiving antibiotics for that. You will note that she is not wearing a cone in the photograph. I watched her through the evening, and this morning, checking her tummy as well. She paid the incision no attention, and any grooming she did was over her fur, to rid herself of the hospital smell.

Naturally, the usual post-sterilisation instructions to keep the cat calm and inactive were to no point: Auro is a five month old kitten, living with two four month old kittens. Previously, though, she growled at Theodore and Chiff, and was inclined to remain aloof from them. Now, very suddenly, she is interested in them and even engaged in some play with them - right after her surgery! I tried to break up their fun without discouraging them, but it has done Aurora no harm.

Feeding seven cats in the morning was interesting, and some polishing of the routine will be required; more bowls, too. But it can be done.

The cat who seems most affected by the numbers of his fellow felines is Neville. He does not have Renn’s easy-going nature, accepting whatever comes along from other cats, and he wanted to find a spot to avoid everyone. I will help him find his comfortable place.

Imogen has yet to be bothered by the returned Brazil and Aurora. For her peace of mind, she is in the bedroom alone while I am at work. I will see how things develop among those three.

Some of the rescue-group’s members have offered to take cats off my hands, but the only ones they can take are Brazil, Aurora and the siblings. Moving Brazil again is out of the question, and Aurora is recovering from surgery. Theodore and Chiff would make a fine transition, I think. But the few foster-homes we have are also loaded with cats and, while they may have more room, and the people in them more time, I hesitate to shift anycat, simply because they’ve all been moved about already. I will consider my options again later, but for now, the Cosy Apartment will be the Crowded Apartment.

My principal sensation at having Brazil home again is, I find, that of relief. He would have integrated in his new environment; it would have worked. I feel that the will on the part of the people was not present. They were involved in a crisis with their other cat, it's true, but that did not preclude bringing Brazil into their lives. It was a friendly home but not sufficiently sympathetic to his personality. Will he go on another trial-adoption? It's not out of the question, but the circumstances and the people involved will need to be very extraordinary. For now, Brazil is home.


  1. From what you've written, it would seem that Brazil has had no issue re-adapting to the Cosy Apartment. I imagine that he feels he's finally come home, this time for good. I hope that Imogen and Neville will be okay with his presence.

    As for Aurora, I'm glad her spay went well. (Annie had to be spayed a second time, after adoption, and she never had a cone. I don't recall having any issues.) I'm glad that's over and done with and hope that a wonderful forever home will present itself--for Aurora and for Theodore and Chiff too!

  2. I'm so relieved to hear that Brazil is doing well. That's also good news about Aurora--I've only had one female cat that I've needed to have spayed, but she didn't need a cone, and basically sailed right through it.

    But poor Neville! I hope he'll soon adjust to being part of a crowd.

  3. I am so relieved that Brazil is glad being home-though I know what a crowd it is for you. I feel that you care deeply for him, and you know his life as it has been prior to meeting him. But his comfort with you was well placed. He knew that. And he feels home now. Perhaps Aurora will stop that chasing of poor Imogen permanently now that she has been rid of the coursing hormones she had to endure. Perhaps she will be calmer. Neville, I wish you could have a fine hotel to vacation in for a week to not be bothered with the rest of the fur family. But, in the absence of that, please cope. XXX

  4. It looks like that things are going better than expected. Brazil seems happy to be home, and Aurora's spay went well. Hopefully Neville will soon adapt to the additional cats. But for now, "All is Quiet on the Western Front".

  5. dood….feel free two chillax and help yur self two whatz in de fridge !
    thatz what a “ home” iz all bout….ewe mite even make friendz with
    imogen soooper fast and for like all time, if she openZ de freezer
    again, and ewe both N joy sum mice creem ๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ’™‼️๐ŸŸ

  6. It sounds like the return of Brazil is not dramatic for anyone of the cats except poor Neville. Good to hear Aurora is without the dreaded cone and feeling rather chipper. Good luck with feeding time! Too many mouths to feed at once.

  7. We 're glad to hear things went pretty well. Purrayers the Pax Apartmentum, continues.

  8. Seems like Brazil has adapted well to his housing situation which is good

  9. We all know that Dr. John will be a thoughtful and tolerant man with The Crowded Apartment's current residents.

  10. I think Brazil is meant to be yours.

  11. I'm so glad to hear that all went darn good with the Brazil coming home. It really is where he needs to be.

  12. Wow, what changes since I last visited!!

    Brazil is showing that he is comfortable at your place, maybe its forever!
    So many young cats; imagine if they all decide to have the zoomies at the same time, LOL!!

    Poor Neville must be wondering 'What the CAT??'!

  13. I concur with your conclusion that the will of the people in the other home was not in Brazil's best interests. That he returned to the very cozy apartment so easily tells me he knows where he belongs.
    I do hope Aurora heals quickly and she, and the two younger kittens, find their forever homes soon.
    I suspect Neville will find a way to avoid the others as much as possible, and Miss Imogen will be a princess. :)

  14. He is so innocent and sweet looking up at you.