Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just a Little More Tucker

And writing of Tucker… Of my cats, he is the most likely to amuse himself with the toys at his disposal. His favourites are two fuzzy, soft, bendable mice, one green, one blue. He will chase them about, stamp on them and bite them. Then he will pick them up and rub them all over his face, alternating with bites. This may be his rudimentary paternal instinct, first expressing anger, then love, of his furry little child. Or he may just like biting the toy and rubbing it against his face.

Then, after a tiring session of play, spent mostly in one position on the floor, hardly moving at all, Tucker will retire to a soft location where he will annoy me greatly by pretending that this posture is comfortable.


  1. that position MUST be comfortable....mine use it all the time. :)

  2. MOL, what's not comfortable about that??? Cats are foldable, didnt you know?
    Star rubs her catnip butterfly all over her face, but only that toy. She also licks it until it's a sopping mess. Face rubbing does two things, it marks the toy as hers with her scent glands, and it gets the joyful smell of the nippy alll over her!

  3. MOL! What looks uncomfortable to Humans is very comfy to us.

  4. We call that the pretzel position!

  5. we MOL'd at the pretzel position too. Dats a good one! Thank you so much for stopping by to wish Ms. Stella purrs. We appreciate your thoughtfulness! She gets the dreaded 'pink banana' off tomorrow morning but sadly has to keep the cone on. Oh dear.

    Thanks again!
    That Woman