Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Award

Random Felines recently presented me with an award, the Sunshine Award. It was very nice of them, and I appreciate the fact that other cat-bloggers take the time to read my articles. The award comes with seven questions that are to be answered.

1. What is my favourite number? I can’t write what my favourite number is because it’s included in some of my computer passwords – the older ones, before I decided that made-up words were more secure than digits everyone knew. But I like eleven; I admire it for being a double-digit number, yet paying homage to the first of all numbers.

2. What is my favourite non-alcoholic beverage? Tea. Though it may offend some, I consider only tea made from tea to be tea; no herb tea, no almond/lactose tea, no raisin-jelly with a hint of silicon tea, no crushed ozone and wild rice tea. Just tea, orange pekoe.

3. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook or Twiitter?!? The world is lucky – or unlucky – that I use the internet only. I don’t think anyone is sitting at home waiting for me to tell them on some ‘social media’ what I had for breakfast today. It’s enough that I write a blog on how frequently Josie throws hers up.

4. What is my passion? My passion is writing and reading. Wait, that’s two. Well, two will have to do.

5. What is my favourite pattern? Having breakfast, then lunch, then dinner, with little snacks in between. Repeating the next day.

6. What is my favourite day? Saturday. It’s a day off with another to follow.

7. What is my favourite flower? It is the cornflower. I like how its bloom looks as though it’s made up of still more flowers.

I have decided to pass on the Sunshine Award to The Cat Cabin, a cat-fosterer at http://derbycpcatfosterer.blogspot.ca. Please have a look at the site.