Monday, February 25, 2013

She Screams for Ice Cream

Tungsten is a smart cat. Aside from the cunning that all animals possess to varying degrees, she learns quickly.

She likes ice cream, too. I was eating some for dessert yesterday evening and the orange one was eyeing me intently. She got up on the table, which I don’t allow while I am eating. This time I did because sometimes, after she annoys me by walking across my papers while I am writing, or by crying for water then not drinking after I get up to turn on the tap, I like to annoy her, too. It’s what we do to each other. I can annoy Tungsten by letting her watch me eat and not giving her any food.

Anyway, she was on the table, looking at the diminishing amount of vanilla ice cream in my bowl. Then, suddenly, she peered out the window behind me. He eyes grew large and she shifted her feet. Something exciting was going on out there. I turned to see what it was, felt a rush of air and turned back in time to prevent an orange snout from disappearing into my ice cream.

I can’t believe I fell for that.

Perhaps it wasn’t intentional. Perhaps cats don’t plan things that way, at least not all the time. It may have been that Tungsten simply took advantage of my distraction, and that she had not created it on purpose. Nonetheless, she was pretty swift to seize the opportunity. She usually is.

I let her lick the bowl, after all.


  1. good job Tungsten. Mom has to eat anything with dairy standing up or risk being run over by Tommy....

  2. Ah, Tungsten, you are a tricky one! Well played!