Friday, May 17, 2013

My Chubs: Still Here

Josie is a neat fat cat. She tends to get lost in the news about the other felines. Bear-Bear is the new foster-cat, so he receives much attention in my blog. Tungsten’s health is a great concern to me, so she too figures prominently. Tucker is cute and playful and a roly poly baby, while Renn is active, and gives me something to write about at movie- and bath-times. Josie is inconspicuous, with no dangerous or painful health issues. She doesn’t play rambunctiously or hasten to spend time with me at any particular moment of the day. But I am very fond of her.

I place her on my lap sometimes, just to give her time with me. She initially dislikes the action, probably because she loathes being carried, but once I start petting her, her two-tone purring begins. This has become more common for her; she used to be reluctant to let me hear her purr, but now it starts as soon as she is placed on my legs. She also purrs when she comes to bed.

She is not active, even when playing. She lies on the floor expecting the toy to come to her. She snuggles close to a piece of honeysuckle when she finds it, and enjoys rolling over it, to acquire its intoxicating scent. It's like her little glass of sherry before bed.

She likes her food, my Chubs does. She will complain that I am not serving up the soft-food fast enough at dinner- and snack-times. But when it is in everyone’s dish - but the dishes are not yet on the floor - I say, “All right, here we go.” That, she knows, means the actual disbursement is complete; so why are the dishes not in their right and proper positions? That’s when she truly gives vent to her annoyance.

Josie is not a great connoisseur of soft cat foods. She will eat a variety, though there are some flavours of Wellness brand that she disdains. She also likes her hard-food, though not as much as the soft. Her veterinarian tells me that she is overweight and needs to lose some poundage. I know that is the case, but she enjoys her meals, and looks forward to little else in her easy but boring life. To watch her walk or, more so, hurry away is rather like watching a tiny, furry Holstein cow trot away, its udder moving transversely to its direction of locomotion. But with Josie, it’s not an udder. “No, that ain’t fur. Your cat’s fat…” Yes, she is.

The Great White can’t keep herself as clean as the other cats; she can’t reach the important areas. I must do that for her from time to time. She dislikes the familiarity with which I wash her nether regions, yet doesn’t put up the struggle that she used to. I think she feels better afterward; cleaner, fresher. Who wouldn’t?

I’m sure I have written about these things before. Josie doesn’t often do anything that may be the subject of a blog article by itself. She is unspectacular, not really newsworthy. But I wanted to write about my quiet little loner, to include her in the blog, to remind the world that she is here and well. She turns ten this year, wider and friendlier than ever. Just a neat fat cat whom I’m glad to have as my friend.


  1. She's a very lovely girl, who wouldn't love her? Fat cat? Well, some of them are, just like us humans. All shapes and sizes. I used to have a round little calico, so big that she too had troubles taking care of herself, but I loved her just the same. She's been gone a long time, but I still miss my cow cat.
    Josie, you're a darling just as you are!

  2. Josie is a very special kitty to you and that's what's important.

  3. Hello dear friends,
    So nice to meet you all and thanks for your kind visit and comment in my WE LOVE LUNA.
    Josie is a doll and the important thing is to see her happy and health.
    I'm sending purrs and love to you all
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA and hugs from mom Leía

  4. Josie!!! Beautiful lovely wonderful and totally fabulous Josie!!! We are so happy to see you and read about you! We think you should take up more blog space cos you are no wallflower kitty!! You have a quiet and most peaceful and so ever so powerful personality! Yay!!! Take care

  5. What a sweet girl! My boy Silas was a chubby (nah, he was obese) until the cancer came, and then he got skinny. I'd rather have a fat cat, than one with cancer. :(

    Is there anything more soothing than a cat's purr? Enjoy your girl!

  6. We Tomcats like to give a little wink to Big and Beautiful Lady Cat Josie. Meow.
    Our Buddy Budd was 20 pounds when he came to us at 8 years old. Now by switching to wet food he dropped to a nice healthy 13 plus. No more limping and way more energy. We are glad of that as he is an elder. Dad does limit us to one can each.

  7. Google just dumped 56 out-of-date posts into my Reader...which would explain why I haven't seen any recent posts on your blog. I think it's a good thing that Reader is going the way of the Dodo come July 1st. Now I have to catch up!