Thursday, April 3, 2014

Crossed Eyes

Since Bear-Bear passed away, Cammie is my only foster-cat. In these two, I have been lucky. The BB’s was a very easy integration, a minor hiccough in his relations with Tucker notwithstanding. Cammie’s has also been quite easy. Oh, she hasn’t travelled a smooth road with regard to my perma-cats, but it hasn’t been as rocky as it could have been either.

This article is little more than an excuse to show off my Siamese girl. She’s doing very well. She loves her soft food, though I haven’t been able to induce her to eat anything very good; she does enjoy Orijen hard food. She eats it while crouching behind the bowl, so she can keep an eye on there cats, who, for the most part, couldn’t really care about her presence. She retains a watchfulness that she may never really shed.

Cammie has taken to snoozing a great deal on the fuzzy pad with the heating pad inserted under it. I brought that out again when it became very cold at night a few weeks ago. She loves it. Even so, she will desert her warm bed for my lap now and then, relaxing there and purring until she’s sated.

Her status with the rescue group with which I volunteer has changed a little. She had previously been listed as needing another foster-home, one with fewer cats. That is no longer the case. There is no sense in disrupting her life unless it is for a permanent home. As well, she does not need to be the only cat in a household. She has progressed beyond that requirement and, though she may never be best pals with a feline roommate, she will tolerate others, even to the number of four or five. This is good news because, as many of us know, those who adopt cats seem likely already to have one or two. Or three or four. Or more. And who knows? She and Tungsten no longer hiss at each other on sight, and even have sniffed each other’s tails. Cammie making a friend of another cat is certainly a possibility.

Don’t you love those slightly crossed eyes?


  1. I think she's adorable. And while she might be able to tolerate other cats and live peacefully enough, for the most part, it's quite possible that if asked, she'd prefer to be the only pet. Only she knows for certain! :-)

  2. Cammie is very beautiful and it is a big accomplishment that she no longer needs to be an only cat.

  3. Cammie is a pretty girl, and it is good that she is becoming more accepting of the others.

  4. Cammie is a beautiful girl. It is great that she is blossoming living with you all.

  5. Cammie is a beautiful girl. I'm glad to hear she's settling in. It would seem she's had some issues with other cats in the past and is cautious.

    Seems to me though, like Bear-Bear she's probably a permanent resident. :)