Monday, April 7, 2014

What the...?

I at last bought a cellular telephone. It is, in fact, what they call a ‘smart-phone’. Since it is incapable of telling me how to make more money, nor can it describe any solution to the current crisis in the Ukraine, I tend to think of it as more clever than smart. Nonetheless…

I decided to buy one of these devices because I had no way of summoning help if I came across an accident late at night, or in a spot isolated from any other means of communication. If I could have helped a person in trouble but could not, because I had not the means of contacting an ambulance or the police, I would feel very bad. As well, it gives me a means of communication if the electricity dies and eliminates my land-line. I determined to buy a ‘smart-phone’, rather than a simpler cellular telephone because the former provides internet service, in case of a loss of electricity (or if my computer dies), and I would then be able to find information on community emergencies and the like, as long as the internet remains unaffected.

My new machine comes with many tools, one of which is a camera. I took advantage of it to take some pictures of - wait for it - cats! This is Tucker wondering what the heck I am holding and why it makes a simulated camera-sound every now and then. Just what a cat-fancier needs: another means of recording his beasts.


  1. Ha! Well, you're miles above me, as I have only an old (non-smart) cell phone, no plan. I keep having to put $100 on it every year to keep the # active, but I never use it all up.

    There are lots of neat photo apps, though, I think, for frames, effects, etc. Or so I've seen on other posts.

    I thought guys like new "toys," (gadgets). Stereotypical thinking. :-p

    Have fun!

  2. our mom has one of those...and swears it may be smarter than she is MOL

  3. It's hard now to imagine being without a phone everywhere we go.

  4. Tucker does look full of wonder at this strange new thing you are holding up in front of him

  5. Hahaha of the 400+ pics mom has on her "smart" phone 75% of them are of us, the other 25% of our human cousins.......tell you who rules?

  6. Well, having a camera to take pictures is a good thing. :)

  7. I have a that a smart phone? I have no idea...and really don't care. All I wanted was a phone with a slide out keyboard, because I can't manage those on screen keyboards for texting. As for, computer access...until they make a cellphone with a 14 inch monitor I'll leave my viewing to the laptop. God, I sound like a old curmudgeon don't I? I guess if the shoe fits.

    I do have a camera and have accidentally taken photos. I really have no idea how to turn it on. The phone is obviously smarter than I am.

    Love the photos of Tucker! He looks very interested in what is happening.