Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Holiday Weekend Tradition

We have a tradition here at the cosy apartment of which we are trying to rid ourselves. It seems that whenever a long weekend comes up, Cammie has one of her vomiting episodes. It happened again this Friday.

I know the cause of it, at least as definitely as I can, and I am at fault. Cammie has not been fed any soft-food for months because I know that some of it makes her throw up, and continue to throw up over several days, even when there is nothing left in her stomach. To be precise, I believe it is only Fancy Feast that causes this problem; there is something in it to which she is highly allergic. It is probably fish, and I suspect that it is even in some of the non-fish flavours. But I have been keeping her away from even Merrick and Wellness soft-foods, as I cannot be sure that they do not create problems. For several months, the princess has consumed only Z/D variety hard-food, and has been free of vomiting episodes.

On Friday, I believe she ate some tiny morsels that Josie had left in her food-bowl at dinner-time. Cammie had been in the sitting room’s tall cat-tree, with my Chubs at the bottom. Josie had finished and I saw that Cammie had descended from the tree. I am usually vigilant about keeping her away from the others’ bowls, but I think I was slack this time. She must have consumed some of the leftovers from Josie’s meal.

That evening, she threw up. She did it again later that night, and very early in the morning. This being Victoria Day weekend, I knew I couldn’t leave any solution for the next week; Cammie would have been without food for four days by then.

Fortunately, her veterinarian hospital is open Saturday mornings. I called them as soon as they opened, to request an injection of Cerenia for Cammie. It is the only solution to her problem that has proven effective. There were no slots open for an appointment, but the receptionist understood the situation’s urgency, and told me to bring Cammie in, and a shot would be administered between appointments. I did this, and the doctor who was on duty had treated Cammie before. The Cerenia was administered.

There was of course the chance that Cerenia would not work this time. I am always afraid that there will be a case from which my princess will not recover. But it was not this time. Later Saturday, she ate a few kernels of Z/D. She wanted to eat, but food was still unattractive to her. But, in the evening, she ate more, and by bed-time her appetite was normal again. Today, she was active and happy – as happy as she becomes – and eating a healthy amount of food. There has been no vomiting since before the Cerenia injection. I am angry at my own laxity, and must be extra-cautious with Cammie from now on.

As a result of thoughts about food, however, I have amended Josie’s diet, as well. As you may have read previously, she has been constantly losing weight, if only by very small increments. She also throws up too often for my liking, though not in the same circumstances as Cammie. I fear many possibilities, but it may be simply a matter of Josie not eating enough. The solution may have been under my hand all along. She loves Cammie’s Z/D hard-food. Much of her diet comprises Orijen Regional Red hard-food. (Cammie has access to this, but I do not believe it is disruptive to her stomach.) I am now supplementing Josie’s menu with Z/D. Like Cammie, she will receive it when she asks for it. Its bulk may reverse the diminishing of her poundage, and its hydrolysed nature should make it easy on her stomach. The Great White will continue to be given soft-food, but in smaller amounts, as it is frequently after her soft-food meals that she regurgitates. I am hopeful that this policy will put some chub on my Chubs once more.

I am someone who enjoys tradition. I think it is a rock which provides a foundation for new and enjoyable activities. But not every tradition is good; not every one deserves preservation. I can live without Cammie’s holiday weekend episodes. With greater vigilance on my part, she will, too.


  1. It sounds like you've had your hands full with Cammie and Josie. Hopefully by now everyone is on the mend. The changes you've made in their diets sound good. Please keep us posted on how everyone is doing. My Jessica started to lose weight like Josie. So I started giving her three meals a day instead of only two meals a day like everyone else gets, and it has helped her maintain her weight.

  2. Ugh. No, this is one tradition that definitely needs to be discontinued. Don't beat yourself up, however. It's almost impossible to be vigilant 100% of the time. I'm glad you were able to get Cammie to the vet right away and that she recovered quickly. (How do you take the cats to the vet, btw, via taxi? Not by bike, surely?)

    I hope that Cammie's food is beneficial to Josie too!

    Enjoy the remaining day off. BTW, I chuckled over your email indicating you were counting the minutes. Our new director keeps an app open on one of her monitors, counting down time to visiting her son (who remains in university in Calgary). :-)

  3. I am sorry that Cammie has had another episode of throwing up, but glad she has improved again. Feeding Josie the same food does seem like the best option.

  4. Well, good grief! Dear Cammie, you must stay away from that yucky food that makes you barf! Ha, like telling her is going to help...

  5. don't blame yourself John; you could be ever watchful and ever vigilant 24/7; if a cat's going to find a way, they will. there's a certain cat here who we will call "toona" to save ourselves any "legal issues" { slander} !!! who could stand to loose a few poundages.....if we figure out how to get them to you; they're yours :) ☺☺♥♥

  6. If you could totally control cats and their doings that would be a miracle indeed. I’m so glad poor, dear Cammie is feeling better. Thank goodness for Cerenia and thank goodness Cammie has a vigilant and loving dad to take care of her. Hopefully Josie will benefit from her amended diet. Kiss all of the kitties for me.

  7. Goodness, Cammie certainly ensures your long weekend is exciting....though not the way one would hope.

    Hope all is well now, as I am late to read your posts again.