Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sable and Sablette

I continue to feed outsider-cats. There are two new ones whom I have seen, though only once each. One, whom I’ve named Au Lait, is a light creamy brown colour, with a dark brown and white ringed tail. The other is a black and white cat who is missing much of his right ear; I call him Vincent. I have not seen either of these eating from the outside food-bowl or drinking from the water-bowl.

My two regulars are Sable and Sablette. These are the two black cats whom I thought to be mother and daughter. I have learned more about them recently. They are refugees from a dispersed feral colony which had been situated near by. The cats there had all been spayed and neutered by those caring for the colony, and this pair, though related, are in fact sisters.

They know me and know that I feed them. I can tell they are true cats because they tend to show up at night immediately after I take in the food-bowl and just before I set it out in the morning, thus disrupting my schedule at both its ends. However, they seem to appreciate the food.

Sable is the bolder of the two. When they are waiting for the food, she will move away a distance or even retreat just around the corner of the building, and watch. Sablette hastens farther away, and comes back only when I leave. Both of them, though, are at the bowl as soon as I am inside the apartment again. I shake the food in the bowl, and they have come to know the sound of nutrition.

An interesting development is that I have heard them - or one, probably Sable - squeaking. Initially, it was when they were in the concrete ditch (my “patio”) outside my apartment, and secondly, when I was in the bedroom. They appeared at the window and squeaked. They may have been telling me that they were hungry, but I am certain that the food-bowl was already out at that moment. In this instance, they ran away when Parker hurried to the window to look at them.

I am told that they shelter themselves under a near by shed, but before the cold weather arrives again, I will try to interest them in the outside cat-house. It had been urinated on several times during my last attempt, and no one used it. I will try again. Until then, Sable and Sablette look to be in good shape, and, while not entirely trusting, know that I provide sustenance. I like to think it’s a relief to them to know that they have somewhere to go for that.


  1. Sable and Sablette sound like real characters. I'll look forward to hearing more about them, along with hearing more about Vincent and Au Lait. It sounds like you're starting to manage quite a feral colony. They are so lucky to have you caring for them.

  2. Baking soda and water will neutralize any peemail on the shelter; that's what I use. Although I am glad to hear someone was practising TNR, it's sad to know that the original carer isn't there anymore.

    1. What proportions of baking soda and water are best?

  3. Oh yes, I am certain of that. They are assured and by now they know they can depend on you. I hope they will take an interest and eventually possession of the outside cat house.

    They may have been trying to summon you as opposed to saying the food bowl was empty, since it was not. I am amazed that your charges within the apartment are so good about the outside cats. Katie turns into a howling cat maniac when they are even in the yard...never mind on the other side of the glass.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story. They are all such sweet little kitties. Hopefully before the winter, they will be able to be comfortable enough to go into one of the cat houses. Hope everything works out. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  5. guyz...984 paws up two dad for carin ~~~~~~we noe de entire crewz veree grate full for de food a bullz, waterz N shelterz N hope full lee de shelterz WILL get sum uze ~~~~~~ hope full lee de pee mail message will go way ~~~


  6. How kind of you to help them. Clever name for Vincent, sad about his ear though.

  7. I wonder, with time, will Sable and Sablette will become less wary and stay around? I hope they use the winter house this coming winter. Thank you for caring for these four kitties.

  8. I have two gingers and a tortie that live around my house. One has been with me since 2013. Like you this winter I will again try to make a warmer spot for them, but generally they don't use it.

  9. we are glad you are there to take an interest in caring for them

  10. I'm certain they appreciate the food and at some point the shelter. It is so sad that they have to be outdoor cats but I suspect it is far too late to convince them to live indoors.

  11. The outdoor cats are very lucky to have you to care for them.