Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tolerance, For Now

This weekend was a pleasant one, especially since it was a longer weekend than usual, because of Canada Day. The cats seemed a bit more tolerant of each other, as may be seen in the accompanying photographs. Unfortunately, this does not mean that their relationships are improving; it’s just what what happens from time to time. I will, of course, take it when I can get it.

Cammie didn’t mind Parker stepping from the lower cat-tree in the sitting room to the higher, on the top platform of which she was snoozing. Parker, I think, was motivated by the search for food which I sometimes provide to Cammie in that location. I periodically forget to take it away when she leaves, and the orange boy reaps the benefits. But that didn’t happen this time.

Later, there was a thunderstorm. Cammie hid under the bed for a while, then jumped up on top of the bed, which is often what happens when she surfaces after being frightened. Puck was already there, however; the princess decided that there was enough distance between them for her to stay. While I was in the bedroom, Tucker waddled in and, climbing the steps, saw the sturdy-boy sleeping. I was surprised that the roly poly allowed me to coax him up anyway.

And afterward, he and Parker lie on the floor, almost near each other. I like seeing such non-aggression among the beasts, especially between the sugar twins, as Tucker dislikes Parker. Once in a while, though, a situation is not as tense as it could be, and there is actual relaxation. I relax then, too, and the household is at peace. For the time being.


  1. We must enjoy the detentes when they happen, and for whatever reason...

  2. I loved your referring to Tucker and Parker as the sugar twins. Cute! It's so nice to see everyone getting along. Miracles do happen, huh!

  3. Whatever the reason, I hope it happens again soon. I'm a bit of a fan of the Zylkene that I've been giving Nicki, it seems to help him at least somewhat. I picked up a second bottle (1 will last 2 weeks), as I'll be away for a few days next week. Cost $25 tax-in via my vet. It's something to keep in mind if you find there are significant issues at some point point. Mind you, you'd have to be choosy as to who would get it, it's not exactly affordable for multiple cats. It's also meant to be used short-term, not more than a month or two.

    Anyway, hopefully things will continue to be calm in your household. 😺

  4. guyz....it IZ nice ta see everee one gettin a long sew well; even if it iz onlee fora few ~~~~~~~ we noe it makes dad way happee; sew purrhaps, ya could getz a long on mor dayz...may bee !! :) ♥♥☺

  5. It is good to see them all relaxing in close proximity.

  6. Everyone seemed to know it was a weekend for relaxing and it not actually making friends, then at least tolerating each other. It looks like it was a good weekend in your home. We too enjoyed our Canada Day - even with the excessive heatwave.

    Holly, though, could have done without the fire works.

  7. Perhaps they've been watching the news and decided to leave all the arguments beneath the US-Canada border. Smart kitties!


  8. It’s lovely to see how cats react together. Many years ago I got two kittens, male and female and they never had a scrap. When Garfield fell out of a tree he was in a cast for six weeks and had to be kept inside in a small cage. He never seemed to mind as he had a cast, on his leg and his sister would spend such a lot of time lying beside his cage. One day I left the door open and she went in and lay beside him all day.
    They were the happiest sweetest cats I ever had.