Friday, September 21, 2018

Finding Their Places

Raleigh’s integration is progressing adequately, though of course it is early days yet. While he seems passive and accepting of things, this could just be an initial phase, and he could become assertive and even aggressive. When it comes to food, he certainly adopts a ‘forward policy’. But I don’t think violence or force is a part of his character.

Even so, he has his detractors among the resident beasts. Tucker hisses from a distance, because he won’t allow Raleigh to come close; Parker gives warning pings and whines when he sees the newcomer; Cammie is vociferous in her denunciations, and is having the most trouble with Raleigh. The atmosphere in the cosy apartment has become a little more growly and quick-tempered.

But this won’t last. I have received some good advice from readers of the blog and from other knowledgeable cat-people. And my own experiences have shown me that time and patience are excellent tools in calming a situation. For my own part, I have adopted a conciliatory response to complaints, trying to be understanding with the plaintiff, but urging accommodation. I doubt that I would make a good civil lawyer - my clients don’t really listen to my advice all that much - but, hopefully, staying calm and unruffled will influence them, and in the end peace will prevail.

After all, if these two can learn to lie near each other like this, there is hope for all.


  1. It does take a steady, patient, calm personality for this, and you're definitely the right person to be doing it. (Alas, my personality is none of those things!) I know some people swear by Bach's Rescue Remedy (presume it's still sold), some by calming collars, some by Feliway. There are lots of options to assist things along, if needed. Good luck!

  2. I think in time everyone will adjust to Raleigh. As Kea noted, your calm patient attitude will certainly help. Her idea to use Feliway or Rescue Remedy was a good one. I've used both and found they helped. Both are available on Amazon and Chewy. I recommend using the Feliway Multicat and/or the Rescue Remedy for pets. (That one does not contain alcohol while the Rescue Remedy for people does.)

    1. I am going to try Feliway, but also some items that Deb from Just Cats suggested. I know in time things will improve; I just want to assist them as much as possible.

  3. It is not long ago that it would have been unthinkable to see them both so close on their chairs. I am sure in time that Raleigh will be as settled too.

  4. The best remedy, besides patience, is time. We must remember that each time a new cat enters the home, the resident cats become uncertain of their status. Raleigh’s mild and sweet nature will help things along tremendously
    Feliway was an epic failure for us back in the day. With the number of cats I have now, the reaction is more like “new cat?...yawn...when do we eat?”

  5. Sounds like things are moving ever so slowly in the positive direction—keep up your inner calm!

  6. The Dad's or Mom's attitude does an amazing lot with the cats...

  7. I have no doubt that your patience will transfer to the permacats. Thank goodness you have lots of it!