Thursday, September 13, 2018

Parker on the Level

Cats, as every human who lives with one knows, can sleep in pretty much any position, and on any object. Some felines, however, seem to have a predilection for certain surfaces.

My foster-cat, Parker, appears to have taken a shine to the smooth, hard surface of the dining table. I thought initially that it was just that table. But I have caught him on top of the bookcases in the library, as well. In fact, he may sleep up there, as much as he snoozes on the dining table.

In order to integrate him still further with the rest of the beasts, I have begun releasing the orange boy from the library in the middle of the night. I usually wake up an hour and a half after I fall asleep, so I let him out then. Though he sometimes sleeps on the towel I’ve put on the library couch, more often than not I have discovered Parker at that hour lying on top of a bookcase.

There is evidence that this posture may be changing with the coming of cool weather. My sturdy boy has been utilising the softness of the cushioned dining table chairs more than he once did, so we will see if warm weather habits die hard. In the meantime, Parker will do his level best to make me wonder what goes through a cat’s mind.


  1. Perhaps he feels safest up on top of the bookcases where he can keep an eye out for the other cats and any intruders. :)

    He's such a handsome boy!


  2. I loved the picture of Parker on top of the bookcase. I know cats like to be up high, and he looks so comfortable, but I wonder how he got up there.

    1. When I moved in to the apartment, I arranged a shorter bookcase under the window, and there is the couch in front of that. He climbs up the arm of the couch, to the bookcase under the window, then up from there. Cammie and Renn do likewise.

  3. It's a purrfect place to overlook everything of his kingdom :D For me every spot of Grandpaw is my place too...MOL :D Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend :) <3

  4. Parker reminds me of a lion surveying his kingdom. But such a gentle giant!

  5. I too have noticed the propensity for cool hard surfaces in the warmer weather. They aren't abandoned with Fall and Winter but they are utilized much less frequently. Her deep comfy kitty bed (which she stays completely out of in warm weather) and her PTU are her faves in the winter, as well as the recliner. And the human beds as well. She sleeps with me in the night, glued to my sides or head, either one.

  6. My first thought, too, was that it was being on an elevated surface, to keep an eye on things (i.e. the rest of the furry crew). That and perhaps the coolness of the hard surfaces.

  7. dood....eye pree furr cool hard sur fezzez in de hot monthz, but lemme tell ya... de minit ole jack frost rollz inta towne eye am lookin for any kinda stuffed "clothe" :) ☺☺♥♥

    tuna of moon

  8. Chuck used to fall asleep with his head resting on the edge of a box, which made it look like his noggin was going to be cut off! Never understood that; how comfy could that be? But yes, that's why we love cats; they are endless fascination!

  9. Flynn used to like to sleep on the hard wooden surface of the writing bureau in the summer, but in winter he quickly returned to the bed, usually under the quilt.