Friday, October 5, 2018

Everyone Survived

Everyone survived their first full day together. There was a single puff of white fur on the floor; it could have come from any one of several cats, and may have come just from grooming. If there was a fight, it hadn’t been serious.

Raleigh was hiding behind the couch in the library when I came home. I hope he hadn’t been there all day, though he runs to hide when he hears the door open; we had a visitor who cleaned out his ears, and he fears a repeat, I think. He may have been out for much of the day. I left a litter-box in the library, in case anyone felt threatened going to those in the store-room. But no one used this extra box.

Raleigh is progressing in most things. On the subject of litter-box, he soon learned to use a hooded box, which cut down on mess, and he now resorts to the ‘general’ boxes in the store-room; previously, I had been leaving one in the bathroom (where he had been spending his nights), in case he felt more comfortable going there, but I needn’t do that any more. My Peachy doesn’t go often, and usually not at all during the day. Evenings and mornings are his times.

He is very bold when it comes to eating, and I’ve had to keep him away from sticking his nose into others’ meals. He trots over whenever he realises there is food in the offing. On the other hand, he runs and hides if I approach him directly or openly. One of the things I cannot fathom in his thinking is that he runs from me much of the time, but if I sit down and pat my lap, more  frequently than not, he will come over and jump up to lie on me.

And now he is playing. He watched the others play, especially with a string-toy, and has begun to use his big saucers to bat at the string himself.

I am pleased that all the cats can be out without my supervision, but the food situation still needs revising. Parker’s health is very good now, but its balance would be thrown off if he were able to free-feed on a bowl placed at everyone’s convenience, as had been the case when he was incarcerated. Furthermore, I am hoping to keep Cammie away from Orijen, and on Z/D exclusively, as I think the former contributes to her vomitory episodes. She doesn’t eat much of it, but she will nibble at it if the opportunity is there and she is hungry. At the moment, there is no food out when everyone is free. The beasts will hunger toward the end of the afternoon, but they won’t starve, and will hopefully be more receptive to their dinners. But availability of food at other times, when I am present, needs to be addressed, simply because no one but Parker and Raleigh eats enough soft-food to keep himself going.

But so far, so good. There was no combat and no injuries. Let’s see if they can do that two days in a row…


  1. Hurrah, no bloodshed! :-)

    Fingers AND paws crossed at our end that things continue to progress so well.

  2. This is good news! As much as we humans want things to happen a certain way, in the end, the cats make the decisions! LOL!

  3. That is good news and I hope it remains so. Maybe Raleigh runs when you approach him is because he has been chased off in his time as a stray, or maybe from his previous home. When you are sitting down he knows you want his company and won't chase him, and so he is not feeling intimidated. He has come so far already that I think that before too long he will be comfortable with you approaching him.

  4. Thanks for the pawsome news. Glad there was no problems. Raleigh, we are happy that you are using the hooded box. Also a big plus that Parker's health is good now. Hope it keeps going well as it is. Have a wonderful weekend.
    World of Animals

  5. Oh good news! Stay positive, accept that little spats occur even among cat best buddies and enjoy the success you and Raleigh have earned. Extra treats all the way ‘round!

  6. I'm so glad that everyone did well during their first day together. That's great news! I found your observations about Raleigh interesting. It sounds like his behavior still reflects his life on the street in some ways. Things like his interest in food, using the litter box more in the morning and at night, and his tendency to run and hide if he is approached, are typical of "community" cats. But he seems to have adapted to life indoors, and he's cared for and loved and that's most important.

  7. This is really wonderful. Maybe all the cats are now accepting that they are members of a large family and must, if not be friendly, then at least be tolerant of one another.

  8. Raleigh was undoubtedly tormented by humans who came at him and someone approaching, especially a male, is suspect and will be until he can forgive and forget. My thought.

  9. you're doing better than here; I still can't trust tuna and mackerull alone together; and I KNOW it's got to be done...I keep a few more days....well, a few more days has grown
    to close on 3 months now ~~~~~~~ I think my fear is greater than the anxiety those two would experience ?? !!!! ☺☺♥♥