Sunday, January 27, 2019

Hard Pounding

Parker’s situation remains both satisfactory and frustrating. My principal concern in it is to keep the orange-boy eating. He is doing so (that’s the satisfactory part) but bounces from one food to another (the frustrating bit). He will eat a certain brand or flavour at one meal, perhaps two, but not again. He has abandoned Fancy Feast, Weruva, Blue Buffalo and Merrick, and a recent casualty has been tripe, from PetKind. At the moment, he is consenting to consume Tiki Cat.

Puck’s appetite is of course a symptom, rather than a cause, and may be in a permanent reduction. He will be going to the veterinary hospital a week from Tuesday for the doctor to assess his condition, and probably conduct more tests, the results of which will be compared to the last set.

Otherwise, my sturdy-boy is showing changes of a less definite sort. He is not as active as he once was, and does not seem greatly to enjoy his walks. He sleeps more and has little interest in the outside. These are troubling signs in a vague way but they won’t kill him if they continue. Not eating will, so that is the point of our attack.

There are other foods I have yet to try, and I can also attempt a menu of human food, if that is the only option remaining. We have not reached that stage, fortunately; it is my reserve, if need be. Parker and I meet each day as it comes, and celebrate a little when he walks away from an empty food-bowl with a full stomach. I fear that in this slugging match with his unknown enemy, there is only the hard fight of attrition, with no great resounding victories. But if that is how we will win, so be it.

As Wellington said at Waterloo, “Hard pounding this, gentlemen; let’s see who will pound the longest.”


  1. Ohh Buddy - at least you are having some food. Pats from us.

  2. Continued purrs and purrayers to him. He couldn't ask for a better caretaker.

  3. The kitties send their purrs. I hope there is a good end to this for Parker, but I must admit I'm worried for him. I know you will do everything you can for him, and as Kim has said, Parker could not be in better hands.


  4. It's so upsetting when a cat is sick, and we don't know why. Hopefully a cause will be found when Parker sees the vet again next week. Please keep us posted. Parker, get well soon, Sweetheart!

  5. Big big purrs for sweet Parker. I hope a food can be found that he finds enjoyable.

  6. I am very anxious to learn if anything new is at hand when he gets back from the Vet. I never expected this vibrant walk loving boy to go in this direction .

  7. dood....itz nice ta heer yur bak ta roo teen....we due knot never haz N never will eat de same thing; kibblez a side for mor N two settingz....trooth....and knot for all de trout on de earth wood we wanna go out now ta stay in N bee lazee.....N joyz it :) ☺☺♥♥

  8. It is so hard when nothing seems appealing for more than a day or two. I have seen reviews on 2 or 3 blogs where the cats are going crazy for a food from Chewy. I think it is more of a topper but it may help Parker eat.
    Friskies Lil' Soups with Tuna in a Velvety Chicken Broth Lickable Cat Treats

    1. I was looking at one of those reviews myself, just seconds ago, and thinking the same thing!

  9. John, I'll put my money on you, in pounding until there is nothing to pound anymore! Most of our cats dislike change, so they've been eating the same food for a long time, which is more boring for us humans than for the cats! Weird, but there you go.