Thursday, August 1, 2019

Missing Friends and New Customers

It has been a long time since I have seen Sable and Sablette, the two black sisters who would come quite often to eat at Café Cosy, the food I place outside the door to my concrete ditch. I think that something must have happened to them, something unpleasant and probably deliberate. If it had been an accident, surely one would still come. I can hope only that they were taken in by someone; there is no reason to believe that I was the only human friend they had.

Finn, whom I had called Hugo, still shows up, at least once a day, for some soft food. He is an owned cat (a fellow resident in the apartment building knew of him, and thus we were told his real name) and has a collar and tag (which I am sure he did not have when I first met him.) He is undoubtedly fed by his people, definitely fed by a neighbour of mine, and by me. I don’t mind that; Finn may not receive much in the way of soft-food at home. But he is not thin, so he is doing all right for himself. I don’t worry if he misses a meal or two at my place.

But now a new fellow (possibly a girlcat) has shown up. I have named him Cecil. He is skittish but not feral. I saw him for the first time yesterday, and he was eating some of the hard food I have available. He is of course welcome any time, and I hope to become better acquainted with him.

And then there were three other new cats, as well.

They came at twilight. I thought at first it was yet another novice customer at the café, then I saw two forms and believed that both Finn and Cecil had stopped by at once. I heard a trill and saw what was really at my food-bowl. No wonder Raleigh was so excited watching them. They were startled by my approach and ran, only to come back a minute later.

I am fine with the trio (whom I have named Winkin, Blinkin and Nod, due to the time of their arrival) eating my food. But they tend to take it all, so I will leave a decent amount over night, and they can have it all, if they wish (and they will.) In the morning, after which raccoons are unlikely to come, I will put more food in the bowl, in case Cecil drops by for a bite.

I had noticed the food disappearing most nights, and thought it might have been wild animals. My regular, Horace the skunk, has not been seen for longer than Sable and Sablette, but I figured it was another one taking his place. Well, it was three, probably a small family.

They are welcome, too, though the maitre d’ may have to speak to them about their table-manners…


  1. I can imagine you opening the curtains
    one morning John..To be confronted by
    50~100 cats..ALL licking their furry
    lips for food..HeHe! Oh! And, not
    forgetting the three raccoons of course! :).
    Keep yer eye on those three John..You know
    how raccoons are and the naughty things they
    get up to..! And, can cause a lot of damage

    It's lovely having visitors..I have Flossie
    and Fudge..Flossie's a love lady, and enjoys
    her milk, drinks it delicately..Fudge, he's
    just like a bull in a china shop..HeHe! Bless!

  2. Oh this was a welcome start to the day. For them, and for me as a reader. :-)

  3. About Sable and Sablette: perhaps they had owners who moved away and took them along? I've often been surprised to learn that cats around here that seemed to be strays or even ferals had a home, of sorts.

    I can't leave dry food outside at night for my cat guests because of the raccoons. Those guys are GREEDY. And PUSHY.

    1. Sable and Sablette were part of a feral colony that was dispersed. Most of the cats found homes, but not these girls; they moved a ways and remained outsiders. But maybe someone decided to bring them in and give them a home.

  4. It breaks one's heart, all the feral and abandoned animals of varying species, and in this case, your newcomer Cecil (or perhaps Cecile). I'm glad for the kindness of some humans like you, though.

    Regarding Sable and Sablette: Whatever has happened, I hope they both are not suffering in any way and are at peace.

    As for your trio: I can imagine their table manners would be quite appalling. When I used to leave food out for "Toby," years ago, I'm quite sure it was other species that were eating it at night. A neighbour at the time commented on seeing a huge/fat raccoon waddling along the side of my fence. Well, all critters have to eat!

  5. Well we hope Sable and Sablette are okay. You just never know. All of our feral pals disappeared and were gone for 7 months, they are all back now and won't say where they've been, but we're all happy to see them.

  6. I will only think good thoughts about Sable and Sablette. Cecil is cute!

  7. I do hope Sable and Sablette are both okay. Who knows what cats get up to or where they go. They may surprise you and suddenly turn up again.
    Cecil is looking good, although I am sure he is giving you a raspberry in the last photo!
    The raccoons look cute, but I am sure Cecil's table manners are much better than theirs.

  8. We do hope Sable and Sablette are safe wherever they may be and that Cecil keeps coming and relaxes into the cozy cafe

  9. Thanks so much for your update on Cafe Cosy. Hopefully Sable and Sablette are OK. I'm hoping they've found "furever" homes and that they are now indoor only cats. Cecil looks wonderful, and I'm sure he'll be back to the cafe many times. After all, who could turn down such great hospitality? I love the picture of the raccoons. They are cute, but they can be feisty.

  10. I also, hope Sable and Sablette are okay. I've been feeding my feral close to four years now. He still will not let me get close. The other night the metal water dish went missing. Found it next door. I'm sure it was our local raccoons! Let's hope your trio don't take off with anything shiny!

  11. You're a very generous man John. I'm not sure many people would be willing to feed the raccoons. They're piggies!

    I hope too, that Sable and Sablette were taken in by a kind person or family. Cecil is a cutie!