Friday, August 30, 2019

Some Days...

Some days I feel like I’ve come home to a crime scene.

Yesterday, I arrived back at the apartment, to be greeted by the cats who greet me and ignored by those who ignore me. The first thing I saw after the beasts was a big piece of poop on the sitting room carpet. I sighed. The building’s manager had to come in for a minor repair at some hour, and I could imagine someone (Raleigh) being so scared as to leave a deposit. But the Peach seemed pleased to see me, so there were no permanent effects. Then I noticed that someone (Tucker) had thrown up on the kitchen floor. Aside from the stinky dump in the litter-box (Renn), someone had thrown half their contents (the litter, not the other, thank goodness) on to the floor. Someone (Tucker again) had also wet on the floor immediately in front of the store-room where the litter-boxes are; this has been a sporadic problem, so I leave a soaker-pad on the spot when I am absent. Fortunately, the urine hit that and not the carpet. And when I released Cammie from her sequestration in the bedroom, I observed that she (Cammie) had wet outside her litter-box, which she does every day that she is put in the bedroom. Then I found that another cat (Josie) had thrown up on the bathroom floor; she at least has learned to try to get to an uncarpeted spot to upchuck. When at last I had cleaned everything up and fed the felons, I thought that I could relax with a meal of my own. That’s when I noticed that someone (Renn once more) had wet in the bath-tub.

I told the animals that I was considering just leaving, locking the door behind me and moving to a new apartment with a whole new set of cats. They didn’t believe me.

Here are the usual suspects, with the only innocent one among the lot at the end…


  1. Oh, god...Do you drink? You might want to take it up, if you don't. And here I was, exhausted and frustrated from cleaning up all of Nicki's diarrhea this week. Huh. That's nothing, apparently!

    I have my fingers crossed that this long weekend will bring only calm and peace for all, no vet emerg trips, no cat health/other issues to be dealt with.

  2. Ah! Bless! We've all been there John..and done
    that..and seen that..HeHe! But! Look how lovely
    they look..butter would'nt'll take
    you ages to get a confession..from any of them...
    Just sentence them to..."Bound over to keep the
    peace"..and leave it at that..Oh! Don't forget
    to clean up the poop..! :).

    You all have a great weekend..and l mean ALL of
    you..God bless! :o).

  3. We have a similar crew slinking about the Tomcat Home on most mornings. By action they betray no hint of misconduct.
    Neville, well done

  4. OH my gosh what a scene to come home to.

  5. They all look so innocent, but only Neville has the right to do so.

  6. If only you could put each kitty into their own holding cell, while proper Poo Police paperwork is filed! Then the judge can decide their fates...

  7. And just when I thought I was having a rough day! I love reading your blog - It makes me feel so much better! :-) Hopefully now that all the problems have been dealt with, (not to mention cleaned up), you'll be able to have a nice quiet weekend.

  8. catfather; ewe haz traned de crew well. how ever, we get an imprezzion dadz knot two keen on it...we noe tizzed ewe iz de ONLEE one ta wear de .....eye did knot due it......face ....thiz may knead lookin afturr ~~~~


  9. Oh dear, land mines as my brother calls them. I started today somewhat similarly but with fewer areas of concern. First there was the pile of undigested food outside the basement bathroom, and a few small pellets of poo outside the litter box. I actually to take out the carpet cleaner to get the first taken care, luckily the second had dried and I was able to sweep it up.

    Then I drove out to the farm to check on my brother's cat. They left Wednesday and the neighbour was to check in on her. I don't think he did but he may have. She's blind and obviously arthritic, and the land mines were many. It took me quite awhile to get the porch cleaned up. Poor thing!

    Hopefully your next arrival is greeted with less mess!

  10. Some things sure make for an interesting homecoming.

  11. Oh my --- some days I recognize those -- every morning I wonder what I will find when I get up. I feel very fortunate when I don't have to do that sort of cleaning first thing!

  12. Oh man I came home and was a bit annoyed at a lump of jellimeat sitting on the kitchen floor. Now I am going to be grateful when I clean it up that I don't live in an elderly care home like you do. Hats off to you John - I'd want to pick up and leave too.