Sunday, August 25, 2019

My House-guest

I would like to introduce Neville. He will be staying with me for a few days. He is a cat in the care of a rescue-group associated with the Lethbridge PAW Society; his foster-guardian will be away until late Wednesday. Neville is diabetic, so I was asked to take care of him in the interval, as I have experience with diabetic cats.

Neville will live in my library for his time with me. I don’t feel that there is a point to introducing him to my beasts for such a short period. He has the usual accommodations for feline tenancy here: a water-bowl, a litter-box, a window with fresh air and a view. He will of course be served food but he is a bit fussy, and has not wanted what I have offered so far. That’s a bit of a concern, as he is quite thin.

You may notice his odd colouring. This is in fact due to the contours and depth of his hair. When found abandoned, he had developed very bad mats in his fur. The cutting job was not of the most aesthetically pleasing. His hair is very slow to grow back, but his window will be nearly closed over-night and he has a warm bed.

Neville is a very friendly fellow. He quickly consented to lie on my lap, and has been purring since his arrival. There are, perhaps, a few too many cats in his foster-home for his liking, so he may find the solitude here rejuvenating. I will of course be spending time with him. Hopefully, he won’t find his stay at the cosy apartment boring, and will think of it as a bit of a holiday. (You will note (if you click on the photographs to enlarge them) that he has his tongue stuck out; I trust it is not indicative of his opinions. He can fold it in the middle...)


  1. Neville sure is a handsome dude and he sure looks happy with you!

  2. Neville is just beautiful, and it looks like he's already settled into his accommodations at the Cozy Apartment. Welcome, and enjoy your holiday, Neville!!

  3. Ah! Bless! He's lovely! HeHe!
    He certainly needed a sleep after all
    his posing for the camera..
    And..l should'nt think he'll find his
    experience boring..not with all those
    books, don't let him read anything
    racy John..!
    Have fun Neville..Have fun..! :).

  4. Neville is a handsome boy and looks like he has quickly settled in to his holiday accommodation. I hope he starts to eat better. I assume his usual food came with him. Does he have his usual dish too?

    1. He has several kinds of food he has been eating, but nothing is grabbing his fancy at the moment. He has his bowl, too, but that was forgotten on this trip.

  5. Hey Neville - enjoy your library holiday.

  6. Neville will be magnificent with love and good care. I don't know what he's been through--too much, obviously--but look how he leans into your hand for neck scritches. What a wonderful fellow he seems to be. Lots of healing energy from me, and purrs from N & D.

  7. Neville, bless your dear heart. And your foster dad's too.

  8. Neville, if we didn't have Da Boyz, I'd drive straight up to John's house and adopt you for myself! What a gorgeous fellow! I hope his furrever home is just around the corner...please let us know if you find out!

  9. veree nice ta meet ewe neville !!! glad ya got ta share a blog spot two day...we wish ewe all de best in yur foreverz N hope ya can stop bye sum time just ta say HI !!

    ewe iz one handsum dood.....ree mind uz oh R pal sasha... =^..^=

  10. What a handsome guy! Hope he enjoys his vacation at the cozy apartment!

  11. What a handsome boy! I'm sure he'll enjoy his respite at your place. Have your cats given any indication they realize he's there?

  12. He IS handsome I have to say all over again. I came back to look at him again. His face and head are very elegant looking and his coloring is beautiful.

  13. Neville you are a good looking fellow and we love that little tongue. Hope you find something tasty to nom so you can get some weight on. We are so thankful that our elder Buddy likes his food. We wish he would eat wet but... His weight is good even with his beginning kidney disease. Support from us all