Sunday, February 23, 2020

A Little Spring in Her Winter

I think I worry about Cammie the most of my cats. She had a stroke at the end of last May, and lost her sight as a result. She is undoubtedly weaker in body because of the incident, and, lately, she seems more feeble still. I watch her and notice that she moves a little more slowly and is more uncertain on the stairs climbing and descending to the bed. My concern is that her heart was damaged by the stroke; possibly the brain’s capacity to manage the body is hurt. My princess is fifteen now and would be more than three quarters of the way through her lifespan even if in the best of health.

She spends most of her time in the bedroom, sometimes on the bed, sometimes in her heated cat-bed on the floor in the corner. It is placed on a towel on a rug on the carpet, has a heating pad in it and is by the radiator: I think sometimes she finds it too warm, but at least she won’t be chilly. She still grooms herself conscientiously and, while there are days when she eats little, her appetite remains encouragingly good. I feed her soft-food whenever she asks for it and there is always hard-food available to her.

Her blindness must limit her world tremendously, but even so she strives to enjoy what she can, which is why I am pleased that spring is approaching. Our weather here has been alternately wintry and vernal, but yesterday it hinted at April, or at least March, for a few hours. I came into the bedroom to find that Cammie had climbed one of the cat-trees and discovered the sunshine coming through the window. I opened the pane a little and let the fresh air enter. My little Siamese caught a whiff of the outside and spent some time learning from the fragrances what was happening in the wider world that she will never see.

Cats are, I think, practical creatures, and so Cammie probably doesn’t sigh too much over her lost vision. I fancy that she enjoys her comfy bed, the ready supply of food, her little water-bowl close to hand and, when the sun comes back north, the thicker rays it sends her way, and the warmer scents that slip through the window’s screen. Some day she will leave, but perhaps she will stay for another spring, another summer. She and I would like that.


  1. Winter can be tiring for animals, as well as people. She’ll perk up once she can get more sun and fresh air.

    In the meantime, the dear Princess looks pretty content. :)

  2. Such a bittersweet post, filled with your love for Cammie. Makes me cry. ♥

  3. Thank you for the update on Cammie. The pictures of her that you posted are wonderful. You've done a remarkable job taking care of her, and she looks so content and happy. Consequently even though she may have physical problems, she is still able to enjoy life.

  4. Cammie appears content to climb the cat tree and to enjoys the smells from outdoors. I have always believed that animals are far more capable of accepting what life throws at them than humans are.

  5. Cammie is such a sweetie and we always enjoy hearing about her and seeing her beauty!

  6. Looks like we have at least one more round with deep cold this week, after a few days of warm temps. Luckily, I spent some time outside with Sweetie and The PO'M, but it wasn't nearly warm enough to open any windows.
    Cammie is a love, and I wish for her to stick around for awhile yet too!

  7. Ah! Bless!x It's no secret but l'm quite
    an emotional person..l cry not only at sad
    things but happy ones your posts
    get me going a bit..but l would'nt miss
    them for the world, l suppose now at my age,
    l pray more for animals, especially cats than
    l do for's a side of my life l enjoy..
    And pussy~cats like Cammie..make it ALL worth
    God bless the little lady..God bless!x

  8. Oh your lovely cats must enjoy their sniff of outdoor smells, especially after a long and cold winter. Miss Pops loves being outside and is lucky that she can go exploring at any time.

    I admire Cammies progress, and she seems to be doing great. As you say I think they are content in their own little worlds, just pottering about.

    Please give her a pat from us.
    Julie and Poppy q

  9. How encouraging to see Cammie grooming and then sun bathing all on her
    own. I am like you, open the window a crack when it is above freezing
    and let in a great puff of fresh air. I am sure Cammie enjoyed those
    moments. A warm bed for the kitty is perfect in between.

  10. Cammie is such a pretty girl. My Sasha is closing in on his 20th birthday in May, and I see the decline in him as well. He finds it more difficult to jump onto the couch where he likes to nap, but I have a lower stool there now to help. He still loves the sun and is happiest napping in a sun puddle.

    I certainly that Cammie stays with you for a good time yet. I still recall her return to you and am so happy for both of you for it.

  11. I know Buddy Budd enjoyed small pleasures until the day he left us. The last day he went to the window and looked out simply watching for an hour. I hope I have the same when my last days arrive