Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Under the Weather Again

Renn is the cat in my household who is the least affected by ill health. This year has, though, been an exception to his norm. The second week of January saw him fighting a cold, the most noticeable effects of which were sneezes. He seemed to get better not long afterward.

Now, however, the cold has returned, and seems much stronger than it was. Last night, I noticed that my big boy was having trouble breathing at times, as if through a clogged nose. He had been eating acceptably until yesterday, when he refused all soft-food. That is not too worrisome, for he does that on the best of days. But it is an added worry with his cold. I hope to see him eating from the hard-food bowl, at least.

I had wanted to take him to the veterinary with Tucker tomorrow, but they have no opening. I don’t want to leave this long, but it may have to wait until Friday. But if the situation doesn’t improve on its own, I would rather be safe than sorry.


  1. Poor sweetie, purrs from all of us. We sure hope Renn feels all better soon.

  2. Poor Renn we hope you feel better soon. We often wonder how cats like yours catch bugs like colds when they are inside and not in contact with other cats. Maybe a stray germ is caught at the vets and brought home? Or drifts through the air when you get home.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that Renn is "under the weather". Get well soon, Renn! Please keep us posted about how he is doing. Meanwhile, please let us know how Tucker does during his vet visit tomorrow. Fingers and paws crossed that things go well for both of your guys.

  4. Paws crossed, hoping Renn feels better soon. It's too bad that the vet office couldn't squeeze him in somehow.

  5. I was just about to send an email to wish you good luck with Tucker tomorrow when I saw this.

    Poor Renn. I hope he improves quickly and doesn't need a trip to the vet as well. Do you pay for hot water or is it included? Well, either way, can you take him into the bathroom and run a hot shower (just the hot water)? The steam might help temporarily. The bathroom would be like a sauna, as I know from having to do this with both Nicki and Derry some years back. Lots of healing energy to Renn (and Tucker). You know that of all your cats, Renns has an extra-soft spot in my heart. ♥

  6. I am sorry that Renn is not feeling so good again and hope he soon improves.

  7. I agree with Poppy!x
    Humans catch germs etc at a doctors
    surgery, so, animals could do the same
    thing..after all they could be running
    around more than humans, especially dogs! :(.

  8. Hope Renn is not seriously ill. I always worry about bring home
    germs from stores, etc. All I can do is wash wash wash and hope nothing
    makes it in. Here is is Thursday, good luck with Tucker and hope Renn
    does not need the vet tomorrow.

  9. Poor guy! I have always wondered how cats catch cold. Something I guess I can Google. Kea's comment sounds good. I've been doing this with my sinus infection and it really helps you breathe!
    We'll be thinking of Tucker tomorrow hoping all goes well!

  10. OH if your Dad doesn't have enough to deal with today. Bless your precious heart. Feel really better soon.

  11. Thinking of you and Tucker today, and hoping Renn is feeling at least a bit better.

  12. Poor Renn! I see that there are more posts that I have missed since this one. I hope the news gets better.