Monday, August 24, 2020

Thinner Woods

I want to thank all those who expressed a concern over Josie after reading of her latest journey to the veterinary hospital. I am pleased to report that everyone’s kind thoughts have helped turn her around.

My Chubs spent a quiet night, and this morning, ate a little food, and drank some water. I gave her some of the prescribed pain-killers, as I wouldn’t be home to observe her during the day, and some of her anti-biotic.

When I came home after work, there had been a greater improvement. Josie was glad to see me, purring and rubbing up against furniture. She wanted attention and I gave her some before preparing dinner. Again, she ate, more than in the morning, but only aided with a garnish on her food of Temptation treats; she appeared more ready for food than willing to eat it. Nonetheless, she ate. She even played, a few hours later.

Though she has not moved much from her location on the base of the bedroom cat-tree, the Great White doesn’t appear to be suffering any discomfort. I will finish the small supply of pain-killers I was provided, as I don’t want even residual pain to distract her from eating, drinking or visiting the litter-box. (On that last subject, there was a sizeable urine-ball in one of the boxes, at the spot that is usually the recipient of her efforts. I cannot, however, determine for certain that Josie caused it. I will be watching and listening for any visit she makes to the facilities.)

I hesitate to declare that we are out of the woods yet, but the trees are definitely growing more thinly. I don’t believe Josie is feeling any discomfort at all. I think that what she was – and still is – experiencing is another urinary tract infection, worse than the previous. She is, I further think, recovering from this one, but will receive the full amount of prescribed anti-biotics. I never feel merciful toward organisms that cause my cats to suffer, so I want the bacteria annihilated.

If, though, Josie continues to improve as she has so far, she will be feeling much better tomorrow. I hope her appetite returns, and her waste disposal becomes regular once more. With luck, vigilance and proper health care, my old lady will become older yet.


  1. We are glad you added a few treats to the food. Sometimes when we arent sure we like what is offerred, a few kibbles on top get us started and then suddenly the bowl is empty!

  2. Pleased to read that Josie is getting better,
    sometimes l don't comment john, as it is a bit
    upsetting for me..! I take things to heart, so
    l don't like to read of pussy~cats or any other
    animal suffering..! :(.
    I know that we all come to a time, when we have
    to face such things, even for our pet loved ones!
    Thankyou..! :)

  3. We have our fingers and paws crossed that Josie continues to improve and that she's entirely out of the woods soon. ♥

  4. It’s such a relief to hear she’s doing better. Urinary infections are nasty beasts, but at least they’re treatable.

    Have you asked ther vet about giving her cat probiotics?

  5. I'm so glad to hear that Josie is feeling better. Hopefully the improvement will continue and things will be back to normal in no time!

  6. We sure like to hear the getting better news!

  7. In human women, I know that a urinary infection can cause many very
    difficult problems, not just to obvious. So it may well be that Josie
    harbored enough of the infection from the previous to make the problem
    return so soon. I do hope for her sake and yours, this round of meds
    is the one that eliminates it all for her. If only our pets could
    speak our language and tell us what is wrong.

  8. Such good news that Josie is feeling better. Get all the way better soon sweet lady

  9. I am so so glad to read of this today. I had her on my mind as I was out this morning and getting cat supplies. What a relief to all of us who care so much.

  10. That is good news that Josie is improving. I hope there is more improvement today.

  11. josie; we is buzzed happee for ewe N hope two day, twooz day... iz LOTZ better ....we still send blessingz frum st francis az itz all wayz nice ta haz sparez :) ♥♥♥♥ drink yur waterz N eat yur canned goodz with added waterz in it !!! ☺☺☺

  12. I'm glad she's feeling better! I wonder what's causing her to have uti's?

  13. I am glad she feels better. I hope she continues to improve.