Friday, August 28, 2020

Better Late Than Never

At the end of work today, I begin my holidays. They won’t be as long as usual - two weeks instead of three - but I consider myself lucky to have the time off; indeed, this year, I consider myself luckier than usual just still to have a job. But I have been looking forward to holidays since - well, since my last holidays ended…

They are later than normal in coming, too. This is partly due to the fact that a couple of people in my department at work have been off on extended leave due to health issues unrelated to covid-19. And others have been off for two weeks and more due to corona virus fears. All turned out well. It meant, though, that the person who wasn’t sick or incapacitated somehow had to stay. As usual, the reward for diligence and constant attendance is extra work.

Now, however, I will have some time off. There is plenty to do at the apartment, much to clean and mend. But time in Idylland also means relaxation, extra sleep and enjoyment of things I want to do, rather than must do. I won’t be going anywhere, yet I will enjoy the beautiful surroundings afforded by the woods of Verdureland, and spend time doing nothing among trees and streams.

I will continue to write on this blog while I am away; adventures of cats - and with cats - don’t end at the frontiers of Idylland. After all, the beasts will be coming with me: railways in Idylland allow pets to travel for free…


  1. You have a great time John..
    Make sure you take everything in your
    stride..and put yer paws up when you
    AND..Don't sleep as long as the pussy~cats'll never get anything done..! :).

  2. No good deed goes unpunished!
    I too share your sentiment of being lucky to be employed right now.
    We look forward to reading about your upcoming adventures in Idylland.

  3. Enjoy your brief break John. It is well deserved!

  4. Here's to hoping all the cats are well and you do not spend
    lovely rest time going to a vet! Rest well deserved for the way
    this year is going for you on all levels. Looking forward to
    seeing how you all do in Idlyland.

  5. May you and the cats have a happy and healthy vacation!

  6. have an AWESOME holiday John and ENJOY.....too much, too often has been on your plate; and while it wasn't asked for, it was there; it's time to say the hell with it all and spend time doing something for YOU

    guyz....grate nooze ☺☺☺ dadz gonna bee home like 25/7/19 & ya noe what THAT meenz....ya can wake him up at 3:29 AM, ask for food non stop, beg ta go out onlee ta come bak in 47 secondz later, yell ya want de windowz open then chillax in de hall, knock over de waterz dish coz himz ther ta re fill it, make like ya wanna play then don't, ask for brushingz then run away...stare at de wallz N de ceeling til him bee comez anxiouz, gather round in a strait line, all at onze.. N just stare at him....yea...itz gonna bee fun !!!


  7. I second what da tabbies said. You've been busy doing for everyone else (people and cats alike) - now it's your turn. Enjoy your holiday, John, and do something for you!

  8. Enjoy your two weeks off! I hope you make time for yourself, not just the fur family and household chores. Take care!

  9. Oh, I remember now that the Beasts are going to Idylland also! That is fabulous and I know they are busy deciding what they want to do once they leave the railway car. Josie? Renn? You are the seniors who have the most say. And I will tell you that both Katie and I smiled awfully big when your Dad said what the reward for diligence and attendance is. Extra work. Yes, and yes again. All of you, especially Dad have a wonderful time just stretching out your toesies...human and cat toesies both...and soaking up the sunpuddles and all of you, eat something delicious!

  10. Glad your well deserved vacation is finally here! Enjoy, relax and enjoy your vacation at Idylland.

  11. A staycation is relaxing too. Time to put your feet up and watch a movie or two. Make sure you have a couple of trats planned too.

  12. Have a really wonderful time during your vacation. Dad remembers all the times he got the call "can you cover for..." Truth is with our houseful we do not travel except for day trips and, truth be told, many times they can be the best

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