Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Gifts!

Christmas gifts that I purchased for other people are beginning to arrive. What surprised me is that they are arriving on Sundays. The Canadian Post Office stopped working on weekends decades ago, so I thought. In this age of the servive industry working hardest at making things convenient for itself rather than for the people it serves, I thought that I was lucky to receive anything on weekdays, never mind weekends. But for two consecutive Sundays, I have received parcels, delivered to my door by the Post Office. I must apologise to that institution for some of my complaints. But not all of them.

Naturally, the cats were interested in what had come. The smells that accompany a box that has travelled through the mail must be tremendously stimulating for a cat. Certainly Tucker thought the parcel was interesting. Tungsten too wanted to examine the box.

Once I had opened it, the orange one became quite excited at the Styrofoam ‘peanuts’ inside. Evidently, their smell is an appealing one and Tungsten had a piece out and was nibbling on it before I could take it from her, despite the fact that I was ready for that sort of thing. She is very quick. Maybe I shouldn't have been taking pictures of her reactions at the time...

I was glad that this particular parcel arrived this weekend, as it must now be forwarded to another address, and I think, with ‘priority’ post, it will get to its intended destination in time for Christmas. I enjoy giving presents and only wish that I could come up with ideas sooner than I do. But then, if I did, what guarantee would I have that the person I am buying for wouldn’t get the gift on his own before Christmas? The Yuletide can be a kind of quagmire - but one that I am glad to wallow in for a couple of weeks.

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