Monday, May 26, 2014

Intruder Alert!

There are at least two cats in the neighbourhood who are allowed by their owners to roam free. One, I suspect, is not neutered, a jowly, yowly male tabby. The other is a black and white feline of indeterminant gender. Both have been invading my own beasts’ territory recently. They cause no harm and indeed travel only through the farthest provinces of our little kingdom.

The tabby, whom I believe lives across the street, sometimes sits on my doorstep. I have tried to get close to him, but he is too shy of me for that. At times, he will skirt my house through the driveway and into the back lawn.

The black and white boy (or girl) I’ve seen less frequently. Even in one of these pictures, he is invisible, lying ‘doggo’, as they used to say (though never of cats), under one of the litter-boxes I’d washed out that day and left to dry.

They create no problems, these itinerants, though my cats keep an eye or two on them when they are spotted. In the photographs here, you'll see Renn maintaining watch on our borders. In addition to being my leading scientist, he has apparently appointed himself warden of the marches. Other cats have entered our small castle only by permission, so he and his fellow guardians must be doing a good job.


  1. It's good the "introoders" don't cause any redirected aggression among your own cats. I have to keep a close eye on Nicki with Derry, but perhaps that's because they're outside at the time, with only the fence separating mine from the roaming ones. I wish people would keep their cats indoors or safely contained though...and of course neutered or spayed. Hard to believe that in 2014 so much stupidity and sheer ignorance still exists around these issues.

  2. It is always exciting to have visitors as long as they behave and it sounds like your guests are polite.
    Sorry you are having trouble getting news of Cammie. That just isn't nice.
    Have a great day

  3. Nosey Neighbour Cat comes visitin' to my house a lot. He has a house of his own but... you know... he's nosey.


  4. dem wandering kitties must be bored.... to think they can cum into your yard and not getted whoppin.

  5. Visitor always need watching! We have only had one and mom believes it was the poor kitty across the street who must have accidentally slipped out of her house one day. We haven't seen her out since, but mom says she has seen her in her front door.

  6. Oh those introoders! We have them too. Our resident Ping is our catwatcher. He is also head YOWLER. He sets off the alarm with intensity if an introoder gets too close to his house.

  7. We occasionally get cats wandering into our fields from the nearby village. Flynn gets very annoyed and has to cover their scent with his own. Sometimes he will hiss when he finds the tell tale smell. I assume that is when it is very recent. If he sees a cat in his fields, all reason goes out the window and he chases them off and takes no notice of me when I call him back. He is very territorial, much more than Eric ever was, even though they were both neutered at 5 months old. Usually he walks beside me or if he wanders on will come back when I call him, or sit if I tell him to wait.

  8. Atta-Man-Cat Renn. Have to keep the home safe from whom-ever