Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Warm Weather Tungsten

The warm weather has come at last to southern Alberta. Leaves and bushes that have been bare until now have come into full leaf in just a few days, and the fragrances of spring are in the air. This means different behaviour for the cats, and not just because the storm windows are off and the screens are on.

Tungsten changes her behaviour the most at this time of year. She still loves her cat-bed, which fits her so perfectly, but prefers my lap in the spring and summer. Even a scrawny little creature such as herself doesn’t need the protecting shelter and heat of a cat-bed all the time. She does enjoy lying in the sun sometimes, and likes being close to her best feline pal, Renn.

And just to prove me wrong in my earlier article about her looking out the window infrequently, here she is sharing the view with my big boy. I have often wondered whether Tungsten, with what has always looked like a torn pupil in her left eye, has less than adequate vision, and thus likes the open spring and summer windows because the scents add another dimension to her observations. During the colder months, she really does pay little attention to the outside world.

But now the temperatures have risen, and the orange one finds comfort in new places. As she grows older, she takes her pleasures where she can, in the balmy breezes and the warming sunshine.


  1. Tungsten, Nicki and angel Chumley fully understand the kitty "beach" weather mentality. They did and do prefer warmer weather too. :-)

    And it's great to see you getting your window "whiffies"!

  2. I'm smiling at the photo of Renn and Tungsten at the window. What a sweet pair!

    1. I like that image, as well: the two friends.

  3. Jessica loves the open window with the garden smells too. From Eileen and Jessica

  4. Tungsten we are glad that you are enjoying the warm weather and window whiffies with your buddy Renn :)

  5. Thank you for the well wishes while I was poorly ,you're all fab,xx Speedy

  6. Outdoor smells truly ARE wonderful. In the last few days, I've been smellin' apple blossoms and the smell is just gorgeous. A couple more days and we'll have lilacs! Yup, the breeze carries with it the most wonderful things. Now, if it could only learn to carry fresh fish, we'd be all set!