Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Josie and the Secret of Cool

Josie doesn’t appear on my blog as much as the other cats. I think it’s because my Chubs doesn’t do anything extraordinary much of the time. She is a pretty normal cat, trying to steal some of Tungsten’s California Natural dry-food, annoying Cammie and snoozing on the floor just where I want to walk.

But she holds a place in my affections nonetheless. When she is at a window when I come home from work, she squeals and rubs her face furiously against things, then hurries to the door to meet me. And at night, she will often move from one side of the bed to the other, purring all the while, happy just to be there.

Sometimes Josie does something that gets her especially noticed. The weather has been far too warm lately. I like moderation in climate, and I would have thought that living in a temperate zone would leave summer balmy and pleasant. This is not so. Therefore, the air conditioning has been working in my house on some recent days.

The cats alternate inexplicably between lying in the blazing sun on a hot day to lying on cool hardwood flooring on equally hot days. At least two of them, Tungsten and Josie, have discovered the secret of the air vents: the orange one enjoys the heat that flows from them in the winter, and the Great White has found the cool of the air conditioning to be soothing. Witness the photographic evidence of my Chubs keeping her tail comfortable. As ordinary as she may be, she has her moments.


  1. Josie, you are such a smart kitty to keep that tail all nice and cool. We love to sit on the vents to stay cool. Hope all of you have a super day.

  2. LOL! Brilliant of her, of course. Though it might be more effective to cool her tummy. :-)

    Derry likes to lie on one of the heat vents during the long and bitterly cold winters, but I've not seen either of them lie on them in the summer. Mind you, I don't have AC, though sometimes it gets desperate enough in the house that I turn the furnace fan on, to circulate the air. It doesn't cool the house down, more's the pity, but at least it moves the heat around.

    Nicki, however, will lie under the living room ceiling fan when it's on, whereas that's something Derry doesn't do.

    BTW, I always think "Josie and the Pussycats" (obviously) when you write her name. :-)

  3. floor vents are AWESOME!!! we love them year around. :) Josie looks so sweet.

    we hope Tungsten is feeling better

  4. My first time visiting your blog- very nice. Josie is a pretty kitty- as are all your others.

  5. We have our Mr Toby as the laid back not much but look handsome fellow MOL
    Thanks for coming to my birthday pawty

  6. You can always trust a cat to find the heat or the cool!!

  7. Smart girl! One of my cats, Silver was a vent sitter in the winter time. She was little grey tabby, very slim and I think she craved the heat But none of remainder have shown any interest in the vents, heat or cool.

    It sounds as though some of the heat is coming my way (finally). The forecast is for 28-30 through the weekend. I have A/C so am looking forward to it.

  8. Love how she just has her tail on the vent. Ralphie loves to lay by them in the summer, Marty in the winter nice seeing you pretty Josie :)

  9. Smart thinking Josie! We planted part of our vegetable garden to grass a couple of months ago, and like all seed the new grass grows like crazy. Flynn loves the long grass but of course the lawn has to be cut, new seed as well. We couldn't disappoint Flynn once he had found the long cool grass so now we have a strip of foot high grass running along part of the lawn just for him.