Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where She Left Off

Cammie has settled in - or re-settled in - well. I think that she is pretty much at the stage of integration at which she was when she took her unfortunate journey to Regina. Though she continues to hiss at the other cats, it is usually ignored by them - since they keep their distance anyway. It's amusing to see the Siamese Princess walk by Tucker, hiss at him without bothering to slow down or even look at him, and keep going. Tucker meanwhile ignores her. With Cammie, that's a pretty good integration.

She spends much of her time at the open windows. She loves to lie on the cat-tree that came with her, a tall one with a curved platform at the top, just right for her size. She will sometimes lie looking out the window; other times, lie curled up facing the other way - but that position is for sleeping, not for watching.

Cammie is a smart girl. Window space in the summer is at a premium and sometimes she will find that in both the parlour and bedroom, another cat is already at the window. Cammie doesn't mind (much) if one of her roommates comes up on the cat-tree in the bedroom next to hers. But she won't join a cat already there. One evening, she found the parlour tree occupied. She trotted down the corridor to the bedroom, but that too was filled. This annoyed her, and she retreated, grumbling, but stopped at the bathroom. She walked over to the cupboard beneath the basin and opened the door there, but left disappointed. She knew closed doors sometimes led to rooms, and wanted to see if that one led to another window.

One of her favourite spots is in the cylindrical 'house' of a cat-tree in the basement, in the lobby of the library. It's cool there in the heat of the summer, and she will be untroubled by other cats. I too leave her alone - except to say 'hello' - when she is in her round house. That's her little retreat. She used it for the first time when she had a bad cold months ago, and evidently finds it congenial when she is at her most misanthropic (if that word can be applied to wishing to avoid cats).

But she enjoys other places in the house, thanks to her having grown accustomed to the other beasts. A table-top, a place in the hot sun on a hot day (from which she will then retire to the cool of the basement) or the top of the sitting cat-tree; I may find Cammie anywhere these days. And at least once a day, I find her on my lap.


  1. She's settled in again quite well, we'd say. Could you foster her permanently? Would the rescue contribute toward her vet bills that way? (Though of course not many shelters can afford to offer that.)

    It just seems a shame to uproot her again at some point, though of course if she were going to a truly wonderful home as perhaps the only cat or with one other laid back cat that would be good too.

    Kudos to you for fostering in the first place. It would be so hard not to become deeply attached, so hard to let them go.

  2. ah yes....the drive by hissing. while it isn't good she is back, at least no one seems to care too much :)

  3. I am so glad that Cammie is back with you.

  4. I reckon a nice warm lap is the best place to be!!

  5. I wish you could be with you forever.

  6. I didn't know that Cammie was back. Guess she didn't like her other home. I am so glad you got her back rather than her going to some shelter. Maybe no one else will want her. Glad she is settling in. Have a great day.

  7. She does sound as if she has made herself right at home again. The hissing walk past sounds funny.

  8. Cammie seems to right at home. She seems to be fitting in, in her own quirky sweet way :)

  9. They become family members. And we'll always accept them back into the fold with open arms. She looks like she's found peace.
    God bless you both.
    P.S. My angel Siamese used to do the same thing to humans and felines alike. It's a meezer thing.......

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I believe that Cammie is comfortable here, and knows she is safe. I think that's the beginning of peace for anyone.

  10. She sounds a bit like our Fitz except our gal can put out a bit more in the decibel dept and screams like a boiled baby. Dad used to rush to her aid but then saw most times she did this for that exact reason and has since cut back on his rescues. She has cut back on the screaming so all in all it is another fun day with felines!

  11. Sweet Cammie! I'm glad she's reintegrating well, even if it means she's keeping the other cats at a distance. It's obvious she feels safe with you, and I grateful you've opened you home to her.