Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Warm to the Touch

I think I may have mentioned previously that Tungsten will warm herself over the heating vents. Her favourite spot for this has become the bathroom. This is due to an unusual reason. In order to keep her weight up, she is offered a hard-food that appeals to her more than the other hard-food I give her roommates. It’s tasty, and therefore appeals to the other beasts, as well, but I don’t want them eating as much of it as Tungsten should. So she is fed her meals, whenever she likes, in splendid isolation - in the bathroom.

While there, she discovered the heating vent, that, she undoubtedly reasoned, was similar to the one in the bedroom, which she frequented last winter. She now may be found in the bathroom enjoying the warm air, or waiting to enjoy it. She has her heated cat-bed, of course, and that’s for extended periods. It does its job admirably, and I am glad to have it.

But there is something extra pleasant about a draught of warm air. It’s like a breeze from summer in the cold winter. Naturally, Tungsten wants to experience it as much as possible. But there is something pathetic about an old cat lying on a vent, waiting patiently for warmth. I think she is trying to embarrass me into keeping the heat on all the time. If she shows up with a tiny shopping cart full of tinier tin cans and bottles in bags, I may have to give in...


  1. "I know it will come out of here eventually".... we sleep on the vents too. don't blame her - it is nice and toasty :)

  2. So cute .. I had a cat, a wise Siamese, who lived on the heater vent. She was classy as can be .. so tell him it the cool (lol) thing to do.

    JC and The Purr and Fur Gang

    1. If Tungsten starts covering the whole vent (and I'm surprised she hasn't yet), I'll have to ease her off - whether it's cool to be warm or not!

  3. Have you seen these SnuggleSafe Pads? I saw them on another blog yesterday:

    Tempting, though a bit pricey considering it's a microwavable plastic disk with a fabric cover.

    I know you have heated beds/pads, though.

    As for Tungsten, she looks quite comfy. Derry wedges himself behind the couch and under the bookcase when the heat comes on, to enjoy the floor vent there. :-)

  4. Awww she has found a spot that is all her own! Bless Tungsten.

  5. MOL too funny. We have a small place with a wall unit and the crew takes position on all the steps to the cat walk that are above this fine heat.

  6. Sweet Tungsten! I had a cat, Silver who sat on the vents all the time. I thought it was because she was a tiny cat and not very heavy but Saku does it too.

    The thought of her with a tiny shopping cart makes me laugh!

  7. Makes you feel like you need to put a big piece of fleece there doesn't it :)

  8. Maybe a nice sheepskin next to the vent would furthermore enhanse Tungsten's comfort. Any padding for older bones is very welcome.
    I keep my house very, very warm ( one of my little luxuries) and my cats still love any source of extra heat.

  9. I have several small portable heaters that I bring out every winter. Whenever it's cold and I don't have them on, my cats always snuggle up to the heaters and stare up at me, obviously saying, "Plug these things in already, idiot!"

  10. Dear of her! We don't have vents, but Flynn loves to stretch out in front of the woodburner.