Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cammie, Suddenly

Cammie is now a member of the family, as well as of the household. She was before, really - just as Bear-Bear was - but when the adoption papers are signed, it will be official. I have changed the heading on this blog to reflect her new status, and to reflect another alteration in the population. One happy and one sad. Such are our lives.

My Siamese princess is going through a strange phase right now, and it is undoubtedly related to the transition in our home. Kola left, Tungsten passed away, Faber came and went… Those are many things to deal with, even when you know the reasons behind them. To Cammie, they are bewildering mysteries. So she has been restless, especially when it comes to lap-time. She has jumped on to my lap numerous times, only to jump down again a second later; in some cases, that’s literal: a second later.

On the other hand, she has been getting up on the bed more often, spending time there, snoozing there. She has done that previously but not to this extent. And when she gets down, she uses the steps provided, rather than leaping down.

And Sunday night, the strangest event occurred. Cammie had joined me on the bed when I was ready for sleep. She lie half on me and half off, and purred, as if she were on my lap. Evetually, she got down. I woke in the middle of the night, however, to feel a cat lying on me. This one was in a position similar to that which Renn adopts, so I gave him a gentle push on the rump to move him. But it wasn’t him, it was her. It was Cammie.

It was Cammie on the bed with all three other perma-cats. They were all in their usual positions, except for the princess. She doesn’t have a usual position. Yet she lie down next to me and stayed there for some time. I fell asleep and think I woke when she got down. But for her to settle on to the bed while the others - or even one other - were there, or to stay while others joined her, is unprecedented. She did not repeat this startling action last night, and may not again for some time. But she did it once, so I predict she will do it again.

The loss of a top-cat can lead to widespread changes in situations and behaviour, I have no doubt, or it may lead to nothing new. But Cammie may feel that without Tungsten certain behaviours are permitted. She may have decided not to attempt sleeping on the bed while the orange one held sway. Whether expressed or not, rules applied. Now that the tiny terror is gone, Cammie may not feel the bed is out of bounds.

But it is a coincidence that my newest cat decided to try the bed the very weekend I told her that she was with me to stay, that she was part of the family. Can she understand my words? She ignores them most of the time, so I see no reason why she wouldn’t in this case. But a slight alteration in attitude, in tone, the changed circumstances in the household… All may contribute to new dynamics. 

I hope to have all four perma-cats on the bed with me again. This time, Tungsten will have given her spot to Cammie. And I doubt if the orange one will be hissing at her this time.


  1. That is wonderful and I have no doubt she totally inderstood!

  2. Cats are so quick to pick up on our vibes. Even if she didn't understand the words, I am sure she sensed that your home is now her permanent home.

  3. I've learned to never underestimate the comprehension of a cat. My guess is Cammie understands everything that's been going on.

    They hear--they just don't often obey. :)

  4. answering az catz...we can inn deed a sure ewe ...cammie understood everee thing ewe said ♥♥♥

  5. We sure do understand. The Mom loves it when we all get on the bed except when we squeeze her out. Sounds like Cammie is enjoying not having anyone to boss her around. You all have a great evening.

  6. Whatever the reason for the dynamic, it seems like a win for Cammie. :-)

  7. I'm glad she is settling in and realizing she never has to leave.

  8. Cammie has found her place in her forever home. On your bed along with you and the rest of her family. Maybe this was her way of saying "I belong".
    I do hope Fabor/Frodo is safe with his old family and no more wandering.
    Jessica followed me home one night many years ago and has been with me ever since. Nobody responded to all the Found Cat posters I put up. Which was fortunate for me as I have had her as my dear companion for close to sixteen years. From Eileen and Jessica

    1. Sixteen years! That is a friendship. May you and Jessica have many more years together. She was clearly meant to be yours.

  9. We're sure Cammie understands she's permanently home now. And we're happy for her.

  10. How lovely! I think she knew she's truly home now and can settle. I hope she stakes her spot on the bed!

  11. Oh good on you for embracing Cammie we are so glad she gets to live with you forever.
    Julie and poppyq

  12. I believe she understands your words probably through your actions. The comings and goings have had an impact on each one of the cats although your permacats know they were'n't going anywhere, but Cammie has known comings and goings herself. Maybe she is wondering if she is next to go? I suspect with some reassurances she will settle in and find her spot on the bed with the others.

  13. Yippee for Cammie working toward becoming a perma-cat! We think she knows she is at home and you are the one for her.

  14. Cammie did understand your words. I knew she would. How wonderful! She now knows she belongs and has all of the rights and privileges of a full fledged family member.! When the other kitties recognize her place, I suspect you'll have a full time bed kitty.

  15. Cammie is truly a lovely cat. She seems very open and sensitive. I hope she gets over the restlessness.

    Check out my cat blog for archived stories about the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage.