Monday, April 13, 2015

Faber Ventures Out

Faber was let out of quarantine for the first time yesterday. It was for just an hour, and with only Renn and Josie out to see him. Tucker and Cammie were locked in the bedroom.

Faber enjoyed exploring everywhere. He encountered Renn in the sitting room. My big boy remained on the armchair, but growled the whole time that the new fellow was out. Faber need not have even been in sight, and Renn growled with the regularity of breathing. It may have been because Faber was only recently neutered, and still smells like a tom-cat.

For his part, Faber was a bit alarmed by the growling, and hid in corners twice. I had to coax him out. Aside from these instances, however, he roamed free and wide. He found the stairs to the basement, where he seemed to find many interesting smells. He wanted up to the library window and though little can be seen from that ground-level view, he thought it fascinating.

Josie seemed unconcerned by the newcomer, though she kept to the top of the tallest cat-tree, and merely watched Faber’s peregrinations.

There was no fighting - though Faber didn’t care to come close to Renn, so I don’t know what will happen if he ever does - but I am encouraged by the new boy’s apprehension at Renn’s fierceness. I don’t want Faber to be afraid, but I’d prefer him to respect the resident cats rather than try to assert himself forcefully, as has happened with some foster-cats in the past.

Each day, Faber will be released for more explorations, and each day my lot will grow more accustomed to him. Integrations at my house have always required patience and tolerance. I have the former; I’m hoping the perma-cats will contribute the latter.


  1. I missed rhe post about Faber coming. He looks like a nice cat and if he ignored the hissing etc., he must have lived with other cats. Looks like he will eventually get along. Good idea to just let him out a little at a time. He is a good looking guy. Take care.

  2. Just look at those toes! He is such an adorable boy!

  3. Faber's big adventure; hurray! Fingers and paws crossed his further time among the other cats goes well, no fur flying. :-)

  4. Things seem to be going splendidly! No attacks, no intimidating stances just limit setting growls. They're certainly allowable. Faber looks like an easygoing fellow and like Marge said, his behaviour suggests he's been around other cats. He couldn't have asked for a more caring and accepting foster.
    Any additional news of the Floof King?

    1. I will be speaking with Kola's new people later this week or early next week, so I should have an update soon.

  5. faber...dood...slow N steddy winz de race sew they fishes two ewe as ya explore yur new digs....

    { oh... N dadz libraree iz AWESUM !!!!!! } ♥♥

  6. Fabor is such a handsome boy. Looks like he investigated every corner of the house. I am sure the other cats will become more accepting of him.
    P.S. My Jessica seems to be managing but needs lots of encouragement to eat. Thank you for enquiring. From Eileen and Jessica

  7. It looks like Faber had a nice adventure out. We purr that it goes well with the other cats.

  8. What a cutie; love those extra toes! That he's interested in exploring and isn't growling or hissing back would seem to suggest he has been accustomed to other cats (as Marg already said). I hope the other cats relax and let him integrate easily.

  9. Hi Faber! And hi John! Nice to meet another cat guy. Faber, hope you find your new home soon! But until then, it looks like you are in good hands.