Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Too Warm for Heat

The heated cat-beds have been de-heated. The spring has warmed the air enough so that, though some days and nights are still cool, the beasts can do without the extra comfort of the heating pads in the beds.

The heated towels in the parlour are a different matter. I left the heating pad under them for a few reasons. One is that that pad doesn’t grow as warm as the others, so it is less uncomfortable in higher temperatures. Secondly, the towels are under a window that will be left open more frequently now, even at night. The third reason is that the Siamese princess and the big boy like the heated towels very much.

The last couple of days have, however, been unseasonably warm. The thermometer has registered 28° Celsius (82.4° Fahrenheit), and though this number will be reduced considerably by the weekend, the signs are clear - and I write of both meteorological and feline signs.

Still meaning to enjoy the comfort of the parlour couch, both Cammie and Renn chose the unwarmed side this day. After seeing cats in fur coats lying in the sunshine on hot summer days, it was somehow good to see that there is a limit to such lunacy. Though the princess snoozed on the towels at night, the spring is growing warmer and the summer will soon be here. It has become too warm for heat.


  1. 28C! Jeepers, we're excited when it hits mid to high teens. LOL. Nice to be able to do away with the heated beds for a few months, though. :-)

  2. we don't have those here, but we are always on the look out for a good sun puddle to snooze in

  3. No doubt about it, cats love to be warm. Guess the cats will let you know when they are tired of the heated pads. The kitties there sure have a great home.

  4. guys...82 !!!! it bee warmer ther than in de land oh trout ☺ N mite knot wanna tell yur dad when heez.... KNOT lookin....fur coats N all, yur bak in de sun ~ ♥♥

  5. Those temperatures are higher than our normal mid summer temperatures. We consider low 20s to be good. It has turned colder again and daytime has dropped to between 6 and 8 C and just above freezing at night. The wood burner has been relit and Flynn is very glad of it.

  6. Spring is so up and down temperature-wise. Very pleasant in high teens here in Toronto and the leaves are just starting to come out. it is cold at night. Jessica loves curling up on my bed at night to keep warm. From Jessica and Eileen

  7. Thank you for your supportive posts.

    So interesting that the Siamese princess and big boy like the heated towels. I, too, love making our kitties as comfortable as possible.


  8. Finally. We have been playing thermostat roulette here: heat on, off, on, off, air conditioners in, heat on and on and on and... now off.
    Spring has come to Pa it seems