Thursday, April 23, 2015

When the World is Fresh and Green

Spring has arrived, with temperatures rising on some days as high as 23° Celsius (73.5° Fahrenheit), though it’s more often a few degrees cooler. Even so, afternoons are becoming quite pleasant, and the nights are nearing the time when windows may be left open wide. That means one thing around my household: the storm windows come off and the screens go on.

The cats of course enjoy this time of year, as do I. The days are enjoyable without being unbearable, and fragrances are in the air. Blooming trees and bushes are floating their scents about without regard for where they may end up. Little noses are atwitter at what they can smell, and big noses are glad of the more vibrant aromas they detect.

There are more ways to enjoy the fresh air than just smelling it. It carries with it the noises of outdoor activities, and even those which carried on through the winter now provide a soundtrack to go with their sights. The silent films have become talkies.

Some of my cats want to enjoy as much of the outdoors as possible, without actually going outside. Cammie would probably have the best chance of survival in the wild (ie. the alleys and rubbish bins of the neighbourhood) of any of my beasts, but she isn’t about to risk the dangers by clawing through the tough mesh. She’s happy to fill as much of it as possible, while remaining close to her comfortable couches and chairs.

And this spring, I have put the screen back on the bathroom window. I had ceased doing so, because it was a favourite haunt of Tungsten, who would, in her healthier times, leap up onto the sill. When she could no longer make such a jump, I kept the bathroom window shut all year, to avoid giving her temptation. Now, the orange one is gone, and the window is open again.

And so the seasons roll by, year after year. We come and go, human and cat. Some day, we will all follow Tungsten, as she followed those before her. But for now, spring is here once more, the windows are open and the world is fresh and green.


  1. Enjoy every moment of your lovely spring; it passes too quickly, in every sense.

    BTW, I am so jealous of your warm weather! We had snow flurries today, no joke.

  2. guys....happee window wiffin two one & all....we had de pleasure oh two dayz oh window wiffin...then de heat had ta bee terned bak on......oh well, May shuld bee a better open window month...we hope ~~

    heerz two a frogmouth catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  3. I agree, Spring is the best season when everything is fresh and new. We had good warm weather at the beginning of the week but the rain has returned and the temperature has dropped to 35F at night and around 42 by day.

  4. Spring is slowly coming to Toronto. Jessica loves her open (screened) window, sniffing the delightful smells of spring and teasing the birds. She does not like me sitting at the window with her. I think this is "cat time" and humans cannot possibly comprehend the finer smells of Spring. From Eileen and Jessica

  5. What a lovely post about Spring. We are all enjoying this nice weather too. It is so great to see all the green and hear the birds singing. Love all your kitties hanging out by the open windows. Have a great Monday.