Monday, June 15, 2015

Miniature Heat-wave

We had a bit of a heat-wave here last week. The temperature soared up to 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit – at least we didn’t have a fever). This was a little foretaste of August, in June. Fortunately, the thermometers recorded rather more seasonal temperatures soon after.

For the time that it was here, however, the miniature heat-wave had the cats looking for any cool surface – except for Josie, who was content with the sitting room rug. Admittedly, it was probably just as cool as the floor, but even so, that’s Josie.

When the real heat of late summer arrives, the air conditioning may have to come on. Until then, though, the beasts will have to make do with an electric fan and as little movement as possible. They usually practise the latter tactic every day, anyway.


  1. Ugh, I sincerely hope temps don't get that hot here this summer, though we often do get a humidex into the high 30s or even low 40s. Without air conditioning, it's nasty.

    I love the pics of everyone flaked out. That's about all anyone can do in that kind of heat! :-)

  2. We've had temps hovering at 100.
    The cats soak up the sun then go cool themselves down on the tile.
    I wanted to thank you for your insightful comment that you left on the day I did Abby's post last week. I really appreciated it.

  3. entire countree oh Canada shuld bee singin yur praisez everee one iz doin ther veree veree best by ...conservin energee !! ♥♥

    dad shuld bee happee two...

    de energee consumption in the houz shuld be at an all time low....less monee two de utility companee !!! YAY ~~~~~~~

    1. Yes, I hope the bills will be reduced. But why is it you could have a furnace turned right off, and still have to pay something?

    2. full, yur dad may bee on ta yur trix.... bout ternin de furnace on when he leeves for werk !!! ♥

  4. The Weather people have predicted a hotter than average June and cooler than average July and August for us. I've had our air conditioning on already, God help us. Unless it is really hot and humid, my kitties prefer open windows and fans.

  5. I love how they all are stretched out and chilling. Adorable!

    Let's hope this summer isn't too hot. We had a couple of hot days and I did have to turn the a/c on to keep the house to 75F. Of course, it has now cooled down and the temp is between 69-71 in the morning. :)